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The 5 Best Dryers on the Market

Every individual strives to look their best out of their home door. However, there are days we cannot properly go through each of our routines, and often, our hair suffers the rush. It does not have to be like this every time. With a simple hairdryer, you can set up your hair nicely for the day. The hairdryer helps you manage your time but still look good and therefore win both ways.

Nonetheless, it is not just about any hairdryer. It is about the best and professional styling tool which would give your hair a saloon touch, and it is always the best to go for quality regardless of the cost and enjoy the services it provides for a long time. Therefore, this article provides all information on everything you need to know about getting a hairdryer and reviews the best hair dryers on the market.

Benefits of Getting a Hairdryer

First and foremost, the benefits of using a hairdryer are:

It Is Not Time-Consuming

The alternative to using a hairdryer is allowing for natural air to dry your hair, and it often takes time. On your rush days, airing your hair naturally would never be a viable option, and it is not often a good option to leave your hair wet either. Hence, a hairdryer is both a necessity and a bad-day savior.

It Maintains Healthy Hair

Delayed drying of hair can result in dandruff, and therefore, leaving the house with a wet house is no option.

It Keeps the Hair Clean in Winter

The winter is characterized by breeze and snowfall. Hence, no one will be willing to keep wet hair on for hours during such weather. A hairdryer dries the hair as fast as five minutes.

It Assists in Hair Styling

A hairdryer is very efficient in changing hairstyles and represents a must-have.

It Is Cost-Effective

An investment in one of the best hair dryers means that you do not need to pay to dry your hair in saloons.

Factors That Determine Quality in Hairdryers

Various factors influence your choice of hairdryers. They include:

Type of Hair

The type of hair you have determines the amount of watt the dryer should have. For thin hair, it should not be more than 1300.

Size and Weight

A hairdryer ought to be portable for easy maneuverability and control. A lightweight is the best, but if you have shorter hair, the average weight is right.

Ceramic or Ionic or Flared

This choice depends on your hair type. If your hair is thick and unruly, an ionic dryer is your choice because it dries faster and does not create frizz. Ceramic hair dryers are suitable for all kinds of hair with temperature regulated to achieve the best result.


This factor should be the last to be considered. The quality matters most and often; the higher the quality, the pricier it gets. Nonetheless, there are moderate-priced hair dryers that suit your budget and still perform highly.

Other Features with Benefits

There are other features usually added with hair dryers. One of them is a nozzle that you can use to concentrate the airstream. On the other hand, a diffuser adds definition to curly hair, and a cool button adds finishing to your styling.

The 5 Best Dryers on the Market

1- Moisture Protect Hair Dryer by Philips

The Philips moisture Protect hairdryer is one of the best and high-performance dryers in the market. Whether your hair is curly or not, it helps retain the hair’s natural moisture while protecting it from frizz and keeping them soft. Philips is a popular brand praised for great service and quality over the years and utilizes new technologies.

It consists of an infrared sensor that acts consistently with the temperature to dry out your hair efficiently. Also, it doesn’t damage the hair, nor does it produce excessive heat. The wattage is 2,300, which means the hair drying process is rapid.

It also has ionic conditioning and adds bonus features such as a cool button and diffuser. Finally, there are about six different temperature regulators.

2- Parlux Power Light 385 Ionic & Ceramic Hairdryer

This hair dryer is specifically formulated for thick and full hair. It is often a challenge to blow dry thick hair, but with Parlux power, the task seems easier. First, it is lightweight (weighs only 465g) and easy to maneuver and control over the head.

The ceramic and ionic feature allows your hair to have a smooth and shiny appearance after drying. It also has four temperature control buttons and two-speed settings, with a cool-down feature and two nozzles. With this great tool, your styling experience is about to get lit.

3- Remington Silk Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hairdryer

This hair dryer has a motor power of 2400W, two-speed settings, and three temperature controls. It, therefore, completes the job within time and helps to achieve different looks. Also, the ceramic feature prevents frizz, while the concentrator and diffuser make the styling looks effortlessly great and professional.

Overall, it is suitable for hair with a fine texture and appearance. The manufacturer guarantees its use for five years.

4- Remington Aero 2000W Hairdryer

This hairdryer is on a low budget but offers the best quality at such a price. Its features include:

  • 2000W motor power.
  • Customized handle design
  • Hanging loop for interval breaks
  • Three heat controls
  • Two-speed performance
  • Very lightweight
  • It has a cool shot function
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Overall, it is very versatile and very convenient.

5- Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Dyson is a fast-rising brand with impressive tech performance regarding innovations and designs, and by extension, their products are power tools. Their supersonic hairdryer is a high-performance dryer that offers quality at an affordable price.

The features include a microprocessor unlock to achieve the perfect styling look in few minutes. The hairdryer is also paired with a V9motor, an addition that increases its efficiency and versatility.

In short, the product description is as follows:

  • A 1600W motor power
  • Four temperature settings and three-speed functions
  • A nozzle and diffuser
  • Negative ions
  • A 2-year manufacturer warranty

Final Thoughts

It is important to ascertain your hair type, purpose, and budget to choose the perfect dryer. Regardless, we have made the task easy with our list. So, read up and have fun with your hair.

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