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ClínicasClinic Vital Reviews

Clinic Vital Reviews

To diagnose and treat Sexual Dysfunction,” Nuh GÜMÜTEKN opened Clinic Vital in 2018 as a private medical clinic. When comparing this doctor to those at more traditional medical facilities, it’s clear that he is more than happy to conduct a comprehensive examination of the entire couple all at once. The clinic serves patients in Mecidiyekoy and Beylikdüzü six days a week and is closed on Sundays.

Appointments are required for examinations, as this helps maintain high standards for the services provided. Patients are asked to respect their planned appointments by showing up thirty minutes early.

Clinic Vital has been successful because its staff is reliable and committed to their work. You have the right to ask questions and get answers before an exam, and the staff will do what they can to accommodate you. Their ability to deliver care through phone or text message is limited. They can only provide you with general advice about treating your illness.

First Meeting and Medical Checkup

They begin with a comprehensive sexual checkup and a detailed talk with the client to determine the nature of the problem, ask appropriate questions, and gauge the patient’s openness to discussing the situation.

Clients are required to fill out numerous medical paperwork and undergo a series of examinations. The surgeons may perform urological and genital exams on them to achieve this end. The last step is to take a blood sample to analyze the body’s biochemistry and hormone levels.

In this section, known as the regular medical checkup, it is recommended that every adult over 40 get one once a year, problem or no problem. This will help determine if you need further evaluation and treatment. Clients and Clinic Vital will sign a treatment agreement symbolically if all parties agree with the therapy’s terms.

Their Services

Clinic Vital Services


When most people hear the word “abortion,” what comes to mind is ending an unwanted pregnancy. This method is routinely used in medicine when a tissue biopsy must be taken from the uterus.


It’s a catch-all term that can describe various vaginal enhancement methods. It includes the vaginal orifice and the expertly attainable cosmetic and therapeutic modifications to the vaginal canal.

Labiaplasty Genital Aesthetic Procedure

While the inner and outer lip aesthetics are commonly grouped under the umbrella term “genital aesthetics,” the focus here is on the inner lip aesthetics and how labiaplasty improves them.

Laser Genital Whitening

There are many potential reasons why different body parts would change hue throughout time. These darkenings, which typically do not indicate any health issues, might be lightened by various procedures at the request of patients to ease their worries about their looks.

Treatment for Vaginismus

Vaginismus is a treatable mental health issue with multiple potential root causes.

Urinary Incontinence

Incontinence is the involuntary and abrupt loss of bladder or bowel control while performing routine everyday activities.

HPV Wart Treatment

Infection is caused by a DNA virus and can affect either sex, albeit it tends to stay in the genital region. In the 1970s, Harald Zur Hausen made the initial claim that HPV may cause genital malignancies, and later, HPV DNA sequences were shown to be present in cervical cancer cells.


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