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Hair transplantation, treatments, alopecia.

Hair Transplant

Does the Donor Area Grow Back After a Hair Transplant?

Averagely, you should shed about fifty to one hundred and fifty strands of hair daily. This can be when you brush or comb your...

Hair Loss

Symptoms, Causes and Treatments For Psoriasis

While the severity of the problem varies from person to person, Psoriasis is nevertheless a chronic disease considered incurable, and patients find it difficult...

10 Facts on Lichen Planus You Should Know

Lichen planus is an inflammatory condition characterized by pink, purple or dark patches of rash on the skin. A person infected with lichen planus...


Keratin Treatment for the Hair

Many hair care enthusiasts believe that human hair shares the same level of strength as a rhino's horn. While this may appear exaggerating and...

Female Alopecia

Male Alopecia

Causes of Hair Loss in Men

As we age, it becomes impossible to postpone the inevitable aging process. The female gender goes through menopause, our bones become weaker, and we...

What is stress alopecia?

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