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ClinicsAnatolia Hair Clinic Reviews

Anatolia Hair Clinic Reviews

Male pattern baldness is frequent and has been linked to heredity and environmental factors. Hair transplantation, also known as hair regeneration or hair implantation, is a surgical procedure used to restore hair by implanting hair follicles from healthy parts of the scalp or body into bald or thinning areas of the scalp. This process can be accomplished by either removing a narrow band of skin or by extracting individual hair follicles. The patient and treatment area size are the two main factors determining the optimal graft size. The FUE technique is currently the standard.

The only thing more crucial than obtaining a hair transplant is getting one from a surgeon certified by the appropriate boards. Hair transplant centers like the Anatolia Hair Clinic are recommended for hair restoration surgery.

Provided Services

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Beard Transplantation

In many societies, men with beards are seen as more mature and serious. Many modern men consider this a chic accessory. There may be a lack of genetic causes or damage, or the situation may be moderate or localized. Physical disfigurement, such as scars or discoloration, can have a significant emotional and psychological impact on a person.

Because of the reliance on graft transplantation inherent in the FUE technique, donor hairs can be drawn from anywhere, including the head and chest. The sapphire tip in transplant procedures guarantees maximum efficacy with little tissue injury.

DHI Hair Transplant

Different methods are used in hair transplantation to maximize the procedure’s success. The DHI procedure for hair transplantation is an FUE hair transplant that uses cutting-edge technology and meticulous care. The DHI technique is distinguished by its immediate application to the donor’s hair. A COI instrument, like a pen, is used in direct hair transplantation.

Sapphire Hair Transplant

Productivity and efficiency can be increased when grooving is performed with tools that include Sapphire inserts. This hair transplantation uses microsurgical instruments to treat the recipient area, resulting in less tissue damage than traditional steel-tool-based procedures.

FUE Hair Transplant for Men and women

There is evidence linking hair loss to psychological distress and, in some cases, depression in both sexes. For 14 years in operation, the professionals at Anatolia Hair have skillfully transplanted hair for many female and male clients using the FUE technique.

Eyebrow Transplantation

Having a minimal number of grafts makes the transplantation angle even more important. In most cases, 400-700 grafts are used while transplanting eyebrow hair. Trained professionals should only perform these intricate procedures. They have successfully conducted eyebrow transplantation on a wide range of clients thanks to their extensive experience in the field.

Moustache Transplant

A man’s appearance isn’t complete without a mustache. People are less likely to sustain injuries or suffer from the negative effects of hereditary variables. In some cases, the only long-term option is to have a mustache transplant performed using the FUE process.

Since grafts are the main focus of the FUE technique, hair from either the head or chest can be used as donors. The sapphire tip in transplant procedures guarantees maximum efficacy with little tissue injury.



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