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Bellus Clinic Reviews

The Bellus Clinic in Turkey is a medical facility that specializes in the restoration and transplantation of hair. Dr. Kursat Yalvac, a medical professional since 1999, serves as the center’s primary care physician.

Dr. Kursat Yalvac received his medical training and certification in England, where he resided and worked till 2014. Doctor Kursat Yalvac has completed thousands of hair transplant and repair treatments. At the Bellus Clinic, they perform hair transplants using the most up-to-date methods and technologies, specifically:

  • FUE (follicular unit transplantation)
  • DHI Choi Technique
  • Perkutan Technique
  • Sapphire Technique

Because of its rich historical texture, storied cultural history, stunning natural beauty, and breathtaking rhythm, Istanbul continues to be the focal point of interest for people worldwide. If you decide to get a hair transplant and book a flight to this great city, you won’t have to stress about finding a place to stay because the Bellus Clinic will handle your lodging needs.

They work with the most reputable hotels in Istanbul, all of which are situated in the downtown area and offer guests convenience with speedy access to the city’s medical facilities, its historical and touristic attractions, and its commercial and retail hubs.

Hotels they partner with unrivaled offer levels of luxury and convenience, with meticulous attention paid to every detail of their design. After a long journey, after long-term treatments, or after you stroll all day in some of the most stunning and fascinating locations in Istanbul, they make sure that you may return to a room that is wide and comfortable so that you can sleep and relax.  And to ensure you have a revitalizing start to the day, the hotel offers a breakfast buffet all morning long, along with aromatic coffee.

The hotels provide a variety of amenities, such as laundry services, non-smoking rooms, rooms designed specifically for guests with special requirements, electronic safes, foreign exchange services, and high-speed internet access.

The staff comprises bright and engaging individuals who can contribute meaningfully to a discussion on any subject. Everyone who visits them will do so in the company of a consultant who also acts as a translator. He will be there for you when you land at the airport, walk you through all of the necessary formalities, and be in contact with you through your time spent in Istanbul.

Put out of your mind the awkwardness of having a language barrier. Your satisfaction and happiness are the clinic’s highest priorities. They are fluent in five languages: English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

DR Kurshat Yalvach

Bellus Clinic Doctor

In 1976, DR. Kurshat Yalvach was born in the city of Aksaray. He attended Akdeniz University from 1993 to 1999 for his medical training. After graduating from medical school in 1999, he worked for one year before moving to London to complete his education and professional career there.

After completing his schooling and gaining practical experience with prominent UK specialists, he relocated to Turkey in 2014. Since then, he has been engaged in the field of hair transplants, hair treatments, and medical aesthetics. Dr. Kurshat has attended many congresses and training sessions in hair transplantation and medical aesthetics, where he has participated as a practitioner and spoken on several occasions.



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