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Hair transplantBest Hair Transplant Clinics In NYC

Best Hair Transplant Clinics In NYC

New York City is one of the best places to have your hair transplant procedures in the USA. NYC is a hair transplant hotspot because of the high efficiency of the clinics. There had been an upsurge in the number of clinics in the city owing to the increase in the number of people looking to get their hair transplant.

Various hair transplant services are offered across NYC. Many people from different places across the world visit NYC to have their hair transplant procedures knowing full well that they are assured nothing but excellent services. This has increased the rate at which people troop into NYC for their hair transplants.

Getting the best from NYC will require that you know where to look. There are various hair transplant clinics in the city. However, not all of these clinics can serve your needs. In this article, we look at the best clinics in NYC and bring you the best ones that can offer value for your money. But before then, it is crucial that you understand how hair loss works.

Hair Loss And Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant has become more popular in recent times. This is unlike the past times when there the success rates of hair transplant were skewed. However, this has changed. There are various hair regeneration services spread across the world. The essence of hair regeneration is to enhance the regrowth of your hair.

While there are certain off-the-counter creams you can apply to regrow your hair, they do not offer a comprehensive result like you’ll get with a hair transplant. Hair transplant is the most appropriate for your hair loss. Nearly 80% of men suffer one form of hair loss or the other. While some might start to experience hair loss at a young age, others grow a bit older before they begin to experience it.

Either way, when hair loss sets in and your hairline begins to recede while your hair strands are thinning, the best approach is to get a hair transplant. Hair transplant offers the right kind of hair regeneration approach that gets your hair back to good condition.

Noteworthy, getting a hair transplant is an expensive thing to do. Hair transplant services are on the high side. This accounts for why many celebrities are able to get hair transplants with ease and convenience. This is because they have the money. But more important than the money, a question you need to answer is: where is the right place to get a hair transplant. For NYC, here are the right places.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics In NYC

Of the many hair transplant clinics in NYC, here are the best to serve your needs and offer your excellent results.

NYC Hair Restoration

This is one of the best clinics in NYC offering excellent hair transplant services. The unique thing about this clinic is that it offers a comprehensive list of hair regeneration services to get your hair back to good condition. If you are looking for one of the best places to get efficient hair restoration services, this is a place to consider. The clinic has a team of professionals who have been in practice for many years and have the requisite experience to offer the services you need.


This clinic ranks high on the list of best hair transplant clinics in NYC. The clinic offers many services through its expert surgeons who are vast across various hair transplant techniques. The surgeons use both the FUT and FUE procedures to deliver efficient solutions. The clinic also uses state-of-the-art technologies to deliver highly efficient hair transplant services. The clinic boasts of an amazing level of professionalism, which sets it apart from the others.

If you need a clinic that offers due diligence to your hair needs before going ahead with the hair transplant, this is one of the best clinics for that. The surgeon in charge of your Transplant will have a session with you to discuss all you need to know about the procedure beforehand.

Robotic Hair Restoration

Using some of the most advanced technologies, this clinic has risen to a top place in NYC. Many clients have good things to say about the services of this clinic. The strength of the clinic lies in the expert team it possesses. The surgeons are some of the best minds in NYC who have been in the hair transplant field for several years. This way, the surgeons are experienced and possess a vast knowledge of relevant techniques in the hair transplant procedure including the FUE and FUT techniques.

From the point of pick-up to the hotel you lodge to the moment you’re done with your procedure, the clinic offers a high level of professionalism that makes you feel comfortable and well-attended to. The has a wide range of services to offer, which makes the team one of the favorites in the market.

Maxim Hair Restoration

This clinic finds itself some levels of uniqueness by offering hair transplant services to various levels of hair loss. Whether intense or minimal, the clinic has found a way to provide relevant hair regeneration services to even the most intense hair loss. The team offers a wide range of services including alopecia. If you are looking for a clinic in NYC that can cover various hair regeneration demands, this is one of the choices you can make.

Users have lots of positive reviews on this clinic. Many of the reviews point to the efficiency and regard the clinic has for technology. The clinic uses some of the most recent technologies in the hair transplant field.

Bernstein Medical

This is one of the best hair transplant clinics in NYC, prominent for its use of state-of-the-art technologies that make the services excellent. It was founded by Dr Robert Bernstein and it has provided services to various clients across the USA and the world at large. The clinic is known for its treatment of alopecia both in male and female genders. It is also famous for treating cases of extreme hair loss.

The clinic uses both the FUT and FUE technique, which make the clinic a versatile one to serve your hair regeneration needs. Alongside DR Robert Bernstein, there are other top surgeons in the clinic who continue to offer excellent hair treatment services to clients. The clinic is located in New York City, USA.

Final Thoughts

NYC has many hair transplant clinics. However, this doesn’t mean that the clinics are capable of offering you the best services. We have highlighted the best clinics in NYC that can serve your needs. With these clinics, you can rest assured that you’ll get the right services.


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