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Alopecia treatmentsThe 3 Best Treatments for Hair Hydration

The 3 Best Treatments for Hair Hydration

The hair needs moisture just as much as the skin does, but you cannot achieve this hydration only by drinking water. Instead, moisture is provided to the hair’s roots through nutrients such as humectants, proteins, and natural humidifiers. It helps maintain the texture of the hair and preventing it from flaking or frizz.

There are different hair types: fine, smooth or rough, thin or thick but this does not concern hydration. All kinds of hair need to be hydrated to prevent the hair from breakage, split ends, and consequently, hair loss. Usually, a hair appears dehydrated when it lacks color and is dry. Dry hair can also be caused by hereditary factors, age, and other conditions that slow down oil production to the scalp.

Generally, a strand of hair consists of a medulla at the center. It is surrounded by the cortex, responsible for maintaining the texture, curls, shape, and elasticity of the hair. More so, the cuticle must be tight to avoid the moisture from seeping away. The amount of moisture supplied to the hair determines the quality of your hair. In essence, hair hydration makes the hair thick and appear appealing with a shiny look while preventing hair breakage and fall.

So, are you looking to keep your hair hydrated? Here’s what you need to know!

The Three Best Hair Hydration Treatments

The following products have great reviews on their efficiency and results from usage.

1- Vilanolab Shampoo

One of the most famous and effective remedies for dry hair, breakage, damage, or flaking is the Vilanolab regeneration kit. The kit consists of a shampoo, serum, and vitamins. Although the serum and vitamins are a great addition, the shampoo contains nutrients that hydrate each strand of hair. The benefits include

  • Repair of damaged hair and split ends
  • healthy hair growth
  • Reduction of hair frizz
  • UV protection
  • Hydration etc.

It is suitable for both men and women and also gentle for everyday use.

2- Garnier Nutrisse Avocado Enriched Mask

The major ingredient in this is the avocado oil which contains lipids, proteins, and vitamins such as A, E, and C. The nutrients are useful for hair nourishment and repair, and the above product helps the hair feel lush and luscious to touch. It is a great alternative to regular conditioners.

3- L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Treatment

L’Oréal Paris is a reputable brand with numerous products from make-up to skin to hair. Moreover, their products are usually power-packed and of great quality. The product is suitable for all hair types to retain the color and texture of the hair and prevent damage. The oil is very light on the scalp and effective as a sun protectant.

Keeping Your Hair Hydrated

Beyond the treatments identified above, there’s so much more you can do. So, here are some other tips that can help you achieve hair hydration.

Know the Right Product for Your Type of Hair

Usually, certain natural ingredients are formulated into a gel or cream or hair wash to moisturize the hair. These ingredients include essential oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, olive oil, aloe vera, glycerin, and shea butter. They soften the scalp for easy penetration. You should look out for these products in various hair products you use, especially your hair conditioner.

Coconut Oil

It is an essential moisturizer for both dry hair and skin because it contains lipids that soften the scalp. When applied, the medulla and the cortex absorb it to give it a shiny and smooth appearance. It prevents or minimizes hair frizziness.

Argan Oil

It is a common ingredient in most hair products such as shampoos, serums, leave-in conditioners, etc. Its active ingredients function as antioxidants that hydrate the hair and prevents damage.

Almond Oil

It contains one of the most important vitamins: Vitamin E and proteins that nourish the hair by closing the cuticle cells. It also prevents breakage. These essential oils may be massaged directly to the scalp as a form of hair therapy.

Shampoo with the Right Formulation

Most shampoos contribute to dry hair because of the properties they contain. You should look out for moisturizing shampoos that cleanse the hair without draining it of oil or color.

Hair Masks

Most hair masks offer deep conditioning treatment and mostly DIY (do it yourself). Active ingredients that are common for masks are eggs, olive oil, avocado, and honey. You can grind everything into a paste and massage it into the hair for at least fifteen minutes, after which you should rinse thoroughly.

Rice Water

Starch water strained from cooking rice is a form of a hair mask. It contains inositol, an element that provides water to the scalp and helps the hair grow by repairing it. For best results, it is best to use it daily.

Right Conditioning

Most shampoos dry off the scalp, and the process that helps restore the moisture is conditioning. It is not enough to use few handfuls of conditioners but a sufficient amount depending on the hair’s quantity and texture. You may also apply conditioners even without shampooing.

The type of conditioner you use should depend on the weather condition. It is advisable to settle for a mild conditioner during hot weather, while during winter, a deep conditioning product is required.


A spritzer may be formulated using home remedies such as rose water and aloe vera. For application, put the mixture in a spray bottle and use it daily for effective results. It enhances hair growth and serves as sunscreen.

Moderate Shampooing

Some ingredients in shampoos are drying, and therefore, frequent washing may dry out the hair. Or better still, use a shampoo formulated for dry hair.

Protect the Hair from the Sun

The sun dries out the hair and may cause damage. Hence, it is important to look out for UV protection in hair products. Vitamin E is a natural sunscreen, and also, you should wear head accessories such as a cap or hat.

Hair Serums

Serums not only hydrate the hair, but it repairs broken or damaged hair. An alternative is a leave-in conditioner that contains moisturizing elements.

Final Thoughts

It is not just about finding the right products but also about consistency and the right application. Furthermore, essential oils, especially argan oil, are good treatments for dry scalp or cuticles. We have discussed all of these in this article.


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