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NewsThe Best Types of Men’s Haircuts According to Your Face

The Best Types of Men’s Haircuts According to Your Face

A bad haircut isn’t a phenomenon you have to deal with for a day – it stays with you until your hair grows out. Of course, you could go to the best barber, choose the trendiest style, and still have to deal with months of bad hair days. That’s most likely because you don’t know what style suits your face.

Well, that’s the essence of this article. So, read on to find out the different face shapes and how to identify yours and the most suitable hairstyle for you.

The Different Face Shapes and Best Haircuts for Them

It’s certainly no secret that different face shapes exist. It’s a significant determinant of your physical appearance, which is why it’s also essential that your haircut suits your face.

Now, every face shape is attractive, and there are certainly no superior ones. It all narrows down to how you enhance it – sporting a fashionable haircut that suits your face, deciding to keep your beards, keeping a mustache, among many others.

However, unless you’d like to experiment with different haircuts, you may find it challenging to determine the most suitable haircut without knowing the shape of your face. So, without further ado, here are the different face shapes and appropriate styles for them:

The Oval-Shaped Face

The oval face is considered the ideal face because of its balanced and extraordinary characteristics. If you have an oval face, that means the length of your face is longer than the width of your cheekbones. You also have a forehead that’s wider than your jawline. Your chin and jawlines are also round and aren’t as pronounced.

The width of your face begins to narrow from your forehead and reaches its narrowest point at your chin. An oval face lacks dominant and angular features.

The taper cut is very suitable for a round face because it keeps hair off your face. There are many other styles you can try out, such as the pompadour and different short and back sides styles. The idea is to expose your facial features by keeping the hair off your face. Essentially, it’s best to avoid fringe cuts.

A Square-Shaped Face

The square-shaped face is often associated with masculinity because of the pronounced and striking jawline. The sides of your face are likely straight, and you have straight cheeks and a strong chin. You can choose side parts, layered textures, which you can achieve with an undercut,

A square-shaped face gives you ample room to experiment with various hairstyles, and you can start with a full shave. Typically, short hairstyles are better for your face shape. So, a swept-back pompadour, curly quiff, disconnected dollop, curly pompadour, modern crop, and gentleman’s cut are all hairstyles that will bring out your best facial features.

The Diamond-Shaped Face

A diamond-shaped face is quite rare, which is why it’s been named after one of the rarest stones. The strong and sharp cheekbones are one of the more glaring features of a diamond-shaped face, followed by the length of the face, which has the largest measurement.

This face type is usually angular, defined by the narrow bone structures – the forehead and jawline. So, you want a haircut that accentuates your forehead and chin, and long hair works excellently for this face type. The bulk of the hair should fall over the sides of your face and forehead.

Remember, no matter what you do, avoid short hair on the sides of your face. They expose your ears, make them look massive because of your already strong cheekbones, and clash with your other facial features.

You can pull off a shaved head with a diamond-shaped face. Buzz cuts, crew cuts, a pompadour, Caesar hairstyle, a fringy haircut, and a swept-back hairstyle will appear to suit your look. Avoid aggressive cuts like the plague – they can overly sharpen your facial features.

The Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces have broad foreheads that reduce as the face descends. The eyes are at the center of the face, and the mouth and chin are the smallest facial features.

It can be easy to get the wrong haircut with a dominant forehead, and you’ll be right when you opt for short tapered or buzzed cuts because they accentuate how wide your forehead is. It applies to shaping the sides of your hair or choosing a lengthy haircut that doesn’t extend to the sides of your face.

Any cut that makes your forehead look narrower will look marvelous on you, like a layered quiff, side-parted styles, textured layers, and even spiky hair. Ensure your hair products result in a light instead of heavy hair mass, as the latter can accentuate the hard angles of your face.

The Round-Shaped Face

With a round-shape face, your cheekbones and face lengths have the same measurement and are both larger than your forehead and jawline, which also have similar proportions. Your face is likely devoid of sharp angles or lines, with rounded cheeks.

Finding the perfect haircut isn’t tricky, as long as you focus on defining your features with the way your hair frames your face. Your hair needs volume and length to compensate for your lack of angular features. Keep your hair styled up, as it can reduce the conspicuous was of your round cheeks. You may want to avoid fringes if you don’t want to look youthful.

Your next hairstyle can be a classic, swept-back quiff, side part, long French crop, fauxhawk, spiky hair, or you can even sport a bald head paired with a classy beard.

The Triangle Shape

A triangular face sports a wide and strong jawline and narrow forehead. It’s usually an inverted triangle, with a downward-sloping or outward spanning jawline and cheekbones that create the base points of the triangle.

Your jawline is the widest part of your face, so the idea is to opt for haircuts that reduce its prominence. As such, hairstyles that add bulk to your forehead tend to take the attention off your jawline. You can sport low fades with voluminous top corners, haircuts that expose the forehead and make it look wider; medium-length haircuts would suit your face best.

Some haircuts you can consider are crew cuts, quiffs, side or upward fringes, a textured pompadour, and curly top haircuts. Remember, textured haircuts bring balance to your facial features.


The life hack to selecting the perfect haircut for your face lies in identifying it first. Now that you know your face shape, you’ll be less associated with bad hair days and will always be that guy with great hair!


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