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Alopecia treatmentsBiotin for Hair, How it functions and How to Use it

Biotin for Hair, How it functions and How to Use it

More than ever, it’s become increasingly obvious that the easiest way to get the most desirable hair is to combine external actions with internal actions. As you’re applying those hair care products, you’re matching them with adequate nutrition derived from food. Even if most people don’t know or deliberately disregard it, certain nutrients improve hair health.

One of these nutrients is biotin, similarly known as vitamin H. It is often the magic for hair growth, regrowth, and general hair health. However, with so much controversy on the internet on whether it lives up to this hype or not, it’s crucial to give a refined account of the relationship between hair and biotin.

That’s what this article aims to achieve. In light of this, it’ll also discuss what biotin is, establish if it works, suggest how best to use it for your hair, along with experts’ recommended dosage and possible side effects to look out for.

What is Biotin

In simple terms, biotin is one of the many important dietary staples whose purpose lies in the conversion of some nutrients that supply the energy the body requires for its activities. Like fuel makes machines work, this energy derived from the said nutrients keeps the body going. However, while the body always has biotin reserved, its level can be pretty low to perform its functions to the fullest.

Improving hair health and enriching hair growth are some of the functions biotin performs. It stands out distinctively amongst other B vitamins. Despite that experts are yet to determine its direct effect on the hair, many people who take it regularly have expressed how much improvement they’ve seen in their hair growth cycle. Most people rely on foods rich in biotin to get their biotin levels up, while others consult their doctors for supplement prescriptions.

Whatever works for you, what’s important is that if you want to enjoy the benefits biotin gives the hair, you have to improve its intake. That, along with other recommended hair care products, would get that desired hair quality. In addition, it is safe and can be found in foods that are accessible and affordable.

What Exactly Does Biotin Add to the Hair if it Truly Works?

For the hair to look luscious, it needs many nutrients like zinc, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, etc. All these are leading nutrients for hair growth, and without biotin, it’ll be difficult for the body to break them down easily. Hence, biotin adds several other nutrients the hair needs for growth and obstructs hair loss.

Also, while there are so many things that cause hair loss, biotin helps to correct age-related ones. When we get older, cells responsible for hair growth also get weaker, reducing their performance. But with biotin, they receive the strength to perform like before. So while the results can’t be like when we’re younger, they’ll be better than what it was before using biotin.

Biotin also strengthens weak hair strands. As a result, it fortifies these strands and makes the hair thicker. Since strong hair has fewer chances of breakage, healthy consumption of biotin will make the hair less prone to breakage and shedding.

What Ways Can Biotin Be Added to the Diet?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the two primary sources of biotin are dietary supplements and food. However, while most people find it easier to use supplements, you can’t compare them to food sources. The food source wouldn’t only give you biotin; it’ll offer you many other nutrients, while dietary supplements will only offer what they are created to offer.

As far as the food sources are concerned, you can derive a healthy amount of biotin from banana, sweet potatoes, canned tuna, broccoli, apples, oatmeal, plain yogurt, wheat bread, cheddar cheese, milk, almond, sunflower, pork, egg, pink salmon, beef liver, etc. For the dietary supplement, you must take them when you’re sure you’re not getting enough from food. They are available in multivitamins to help your body absorb the biotin components in the food you eat.

What’s the Quantity of Biotin Necessary for Hair Growth?

Ensuring moderation in nutrients requirements for hair growth is crucial to getting the results desired. A heavy consumption might lead to some side effects and not even show what it was intended for. For biotin, adults must get at least 4,000 micrograms per day.

Meeting this dosage every day is the key to reaping all the benefits the nutrient offers for hair growth, or else, the insufficient amount will be directed to some other body function. Whatever the case is, ensure you take the right quantity. If you want to use it for medical conditions, ensure you follow your doctor’s prescriptions on the right quantity to use.

When Would Results Begin to Manifest?

Like many other nutrients, biotin isn’t a magic potion that’ll show results immediately. So if you’re in a hurry to see the result, then biotin may not be for you because using it requires a great deal of patience. However, there are reviews that people begin to see tangible results after a month’s usage.

The result of the concentration of this nutrient depends on the individual’s body system and whether they have underlying health conditions. Some body systems show results faster or later than others. And the drugs for some health conditions might counteract the effect of biotin on hair growth.

While it’s certain you’ll see some changes after using biotin, it doesn’t mean it’ll add to your hair strands. Instead, it’ll only improve the quality of your hair in thickness, texture, and overall health.

What are the Side Effects of Using Biotin?

As we’ve noted, your body has a biotin reserve, and you’re only required to add to it if it’s aimed at improving your hair health. Even though excess biotin intake doesn’t pose any serious risks as it’s easily flushed out of the body through urine, you shouldn’t take more than required or prescribed.

Final Words

Without disregarding the possible effect of most hair care products, you might be wasting money on them without nutrients directed at hair health. So while you spend on expensive hair care products, you should also commit to eating nutrients for hair growth, one of which is biotin.


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