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Hair transplantChoi Implanter Pen in Hair Transplant

Choi Implanter Pen in Hair Transplant

The Choi Implanter Pen has gained significant recognition as an innovative instrument in the continuously advancing domain of hair transplantation, particularly in the context of Direct Hair Implantation (DHI). The pen, which was created in 1992 at Kyungpook National University in South Korea, has received considerable recognition for its exceptional accuracy, effectiveness, and revolutionary influence on hair transplant surgeries.

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Understanding the Choi Implanter Pen

Choi Implanter Pen

Named in honour of its creator, Dr. Kyungpook Choi, the Choi Implanter Pen stands out as a pen-shaped surgical device meticulously crafted to elevate the hair transplant process. This needle plays a pivotal role in both delicately extracting hair grafts from the donor area and precisely implanting them into the designated recipient area.

Despite its pen-like appearance, the tool houses an empty needle at its tip. The needle’s diameter varies between 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm, adapting to the thickness of the patient’s hair. Its application involves the extraction of hair grafts from the donor region and subsequent implantation in the recipient area.

A notable feature of the Choi Implanter Pen is the integration of a tiny motor within the pen itself. This motor streamlines the process of extracting hair grafts, making it more straightforward and efficient. This technique significantly reduces the time and effort required for graft extraction and implantation, rendering the treatment more effective and less intrusive.

Originally designed to tackle the challenge of baldness trends prevalent among Asian men, who often have thicker hair compared to Caucasian and African men, the Choi Implanter Pen was specifically developed for this demographic. However, continuous technical advancements have enabled its adaptation for use across a diverse range of hair textures, including finer hair types.

Innovative Technological Features of Choi Implanter Pen

Setting the Choi Implanter Pen apart is its incorporation of a miniature motor within the pen. This technological marvel streamlines the extraction of hair grafts, significantly reducing the time and effort required for the procedure. This innovation contributes to heightened efficiency, making the transplantation process more rapid and less invasive.

Steps in performing hair transplantation with Choi Implanter Pen

The process of hair transplantation utilising the Choi Implanter Pen entails a series of precise procedures aimed at achieving optimal graft placement and subsequent success. Choi Implanter Pen is a specialised instrument designed to enhance the accuracy and precision of hair follicle implantation in the context of a hair transplant surgery. The following is a comprehensive outline of the procedural stages involved:

Preoperative Assessment

Initiate the process with a comprehensive preoperative evaluation, encompassing an analysis of the patient’s hair loss pattern, assessing the availability of donor areas, and engaging in a dialogue about the patient’s desired outcomes.

Donor Hair Harvesting

Proceeding to the next step involves the identification and preparation of the donor area, typically situated at the rear of the head. Utilizing the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, individual hair follicles are meticulously harvested one by one.

Follicle Extraction

Following the harvesting phase, the extracted hair follicles undergo careful scrutiny and categorization under a microscope to verify their quality and viability. This meticulous examination is imperative for the selection of the healthiest follicles intended for transplantation.

Recipient Site Preparation

Prepare the recipient area, where the hair is slated for transplantation, by creating small incisions or holes. The density, angle, and direction of these incisions play a pivotal role in achieving a result that appears natural.

Choi Implanter Pen Loading

Utilize the Choi Implanter Pen for the implantation of hair follicles into the pre-made incisions. The pen, equipped with a hollow needle, allows for the loading and direct implantation of the graft into the scalp. This approach minimizes trauma to the grafts and guarantees accuracy in terms of depth and angle.

Implantation with Choi Implanter Pen

Exercise control over the depth, angle, and direction of graft placement with the Choi Implanter Pen, thereby enhancing the precision of the procedure. This control is paramount for achieving a natural-looking hairline and ensuring optimal coverage.

Graft Placement Control

Provide the patient with postoperative care instructions, including guidance on hair washing, recommendations to avoid strenuous activities, and adherence to prescribed medications to facilitate the healing process.

Postoperative Care

Provide the patient with postoperative care instructions, including guidelines on washing the hair, avoiding strenuous activities, and taking any prescribed medications to aid in the healing process.

Follow-Up Appointments

Establish follow-up appointments to monitor the progress of the transplanted hair and address any queries or concerns the patient may have.

Proficiency and experience are essential when performing hair transplantation with the Choi Implanter Pen. Adherence to ethical and professional standards throughout the procedure, coupled with comprehensive postoperative care, ensures the best possible outcomes.

Is Choi Implanter Pen suitable for all type of Hair Transplantation?

Can the Choi Implanter Pen be used for all types of hair transplantation? While this tool is versatile and commonly applied in various hair transplant procedures, its suitability hinges on specific factors and might not be universally fitting for all types of hair transplantation. Here are some considerations:

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Is especially well-matched for FUE procedures, specifically those involving the extraction and transplantation of individual hair follicles. Its design allows for meticulous control over the depth, angle, and direction of graft placement, contributing to a natural-looking result.

Small-Scale Transplants

Effectively employed in smaller-scale hair transplants, especially those concentrating on refining the hairline or addressing specific areas of thinning, the Choi Implanter Pen’s capability to directly implant grafts without the necessity for prior channel creation makes it fitting for targeted applications.

Eyebrow and Beard Transplants

Beyond scalp transplants, is commonly utilised for procedures like eyebrow and beard transplants. Its precision proves advantageous in shaping and enhancing these facial features.

Scar Repair

In scar repair procedures, where individual grafts must be strategically placed to conceal scars resulting from prior surgeries or injuries, the Choi Implanter Pen can be beneficial.

Not Ideal for Large-Scale Transplants

While the Choi Implanter Pen is effective for specific applications, it may not be the most suitable option for large-scale transplants requiring a significant number of grafts. In such instances, alternative techniques or tools may prove more efficient.

Surgeon’s Expertise

The successful use of the Choi Implanter Pen is contingent upon the surgeon’s proficiency and familiarity with the tool. Skilled practitioners well-versed in its application can achieve excellent results.

Advantages of the Choi Implanter Pen:

  1. Rapid Procedure Pace: Traditionally, hair transplant procedures were time-consuming, involving sequential extraction and implantation steps. Revolutionizes this by enabling simultaneous extraction and implantation. This dual-action capability accelerates the procedure, resulting in reduced downtime and quicker achievement of desired results.
  2. Reduced Time outside the Body: Particularly advantageous in DHI procedures, minimizes the time hair follicles spend outside the body. Prolonged exposure can harm follicles, diminishing their survival rate. The pen’s swift extraction and implantation process ensure minimal time lag, safeguarding the follicles and enhancing the success rate of the transplant.
  3. Higher Graft Density: Unlike traditional methods that may limit graft density due to larger incisions and scars, excels in creating smaller, precise incisions. This allows for higher density implantation, contributing to a more natural-looking and fuller head of hair.
  4. Minimal Hair Damage: The accuracy of the Choi Implanter Pen extends to reducing damage to both grafts and existing hair. Unlike conventional techniques requiring complete scalp shaving, this method allows patients to retain their pre-surgery hairstyle with minimal discomfort or damage, ensuring a seamless blend for a natural appearance.
  5. Complete Control of Implantation Angle: Granting surgeons unprecedented control over the implantation angle, the Choi Implanter Pen’s design facilitates precise graft placement at specific angles, closely mirroring natural hair growth—an unparalleled level of control not easily attainable with other techniques.
  6. Simplified Process: has simplified the hair transplant process, resulting in shorter waiting periods and faster recovery times. This makes it an attractive option for individuals with busy schedules, as patients can often return to work within one to two weeks with minimal downtime.

Drawbacks of the Choi Implanter Pen:

  1. Higher Cost: While the Choi Implanter Pen offers numerous advantages, it comes with a higher price tag compared to other hair transplant techniques. The specialised nature of the procedure, requiring advanced equipment and skilled surgeons, contributes to the elevated cost.
  2. Longer Procedure Time: method may take longer to complete than alternative hair transplant methods. In some cases, a single session may not suffice, necessitating additional sessions on separate days, extending the overall treatment duration.
  3. Surgeon Skill and Experience: Due to the unique extraction technique involving a pen-like tool, the surgeon performing the hair transplant must be highly skilled and experienced in the Choi Implanter Pen method. Inexperienced practitioners may inadvertently damage hair follicles during the procedure, potentially impacting the survival rate and necessitating additional corrective procedures.


The Choi Implanter Pen stands as a paradigm shift in the realm of hair transplantation, embodying precision, efficiency, and versatility. While its advantages include a faster procedure pace, reduced downtime, higher graft density, minimal hair damage, control over implantation angles. And a simplified process, potential drawbacks such as a higher cost, longer procedure time. And the need for skilled surgeons underscores the importance of careful consideration.

As technology continues to advance, the Choi Implanter Pen remains at the forefront of innovation, offering a promising avenue for individuals seeking natural and enduring solutions to hair loss.


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