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Clinic Wise Reviews

Clinic Wise is an authorised Health Tourism Agency that is based in Turkey. It brings patients from other countries to Turkey in order to receive examinations, treatments, and tourism services from the country’s contracted hospitals and medical professionals, all of whom have been granted approval by the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Turkish Ministry of Tourism. From the moment that patients arrive at the airport until the moment that they leave for home, the staff at Clinic Wise provides them with five-star treatment. They will only collaborate with highly regarded specialists who have already established a name for themselves on an international stage and have a minimum of 15 years of expertise in their respective fields. In addition, they provide patients who come here with a five-star standard of care with amenities such as transportation, hotel, and translation assistance. After receiving a patient’s request, the clinic will arrange for licenced guides to provide patients tours of Istanbul. They offer their patients support for the rest of their lives and continue to monitor the post-operative treatment of those patients even after they have returned to their home countries following surgery.

Clinic Wise Vision and Mission

Doctor Clinic Wise

Clinic Wise’s principal mission is to work toward the realisation of its objective of ensuring that tourists who come to our country have a great experience overall and leave our hospitality feeling satisfied. Therefore, maintaining the greatest level of VIP service possible throughout each stage. In addition, the clinic ensures that all necessary treatments are carried out on patients in the most efficient manner possible and that our patients’ comfort is preserved to the greatest extent feasible at all times.

The goal of the staff at clinic wise is to offer treatment for the patient for the rest of their lives, no matter how long those lives may be. Every single one of their patients can be rest assured that the medical practitioners will always be right by their side for any difficulty or discomfort that they could be going through because this is a guarantee that they receive. After finishing their care at the clinic, patients are sent back to their home country; nevertheless, this does not mark the conclusion of the clinic’s provision of services to patients in need of medical attention. The patient coordinators will continue to stay in contact with the patient in order to ensure that the patient is doing well and that they are happy with the post-operative treatment that they are receiving.

Clinic Wise Services

At Clinic Wise, they provide services using the expertise of their board-certified experts in the areas of cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, dental treatment, hair transplantation, and eye treatments.

  • The clinic accommodates their clients in five-star hotels in order to make their patients’ wildest wishes come true.
  • During their stay, Clinic Wise will provide support in the form of an interpreter and an assistant, in addition to transporting patients in VIP vehicles.
  • At terms of the clinics themselves, they arrange for their patients to receive treatment in first-rate hospitals and medical facilities staffed by the most qualified specialists in the relevant fields.
  • All of the procedures are overseen by the clinic’s patient coordinator, who is on call around the clock.
  • As a consequence of this, once the expert medical evaluation is finished, all that remains for you to do is board a plane and fly over here. The remainder will be handled expertly by clinic wise.



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