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Hair transplantDavid Silva Hair Transplant

David Silva Hair Transplant

It is no news that celebrities find it convenient to go for hair transplant services when their hair begins to thin or they begin to go bald. There have been many celebrities who have done this, and one of those is David Silva

If you are a football fan, you would have realized the 2018-19 David Silva appeared with a pushed and well-filled hair. The answer to David’s formerly thinning hair was a hair transplant. The hair transplant procedure was a successful one, as it offered David Silva a great hair and hairlines that make the player look good.

Hair transplant has become an efficient treatment in the hair regeneration field. Many people continue to seek the best places to do good for their hair transplant.

There are various places across the world. But not all of the clinics are well-equipped to serve your needs. This means that you’ll have to choose carefully to get the best services. In this article, we discuss David Silva hair transplant, cost of hair transplant, hair transplant procedures among others.

David Silva’s Hair Loss And General Hair Loss Problems

When David Silva started to lose hair, he was becoming bald in certain areas of the head. Following this realization, he took to getting a hair transplant, which he did for a sum of up to £33,000. This goes to show the effectiveness of hair transplant to addressing hair loss issues.

Hair Transplant has become more popular in recent times. This is unlike the past times when there the success rates of hair transplant were skewed. However, this has changed. There are various hair regeneration services spread across the world. The essence of hair regeneration is to enhance the regrowth of your hair.

Although there are certain off-the-counter creams you can apply to regrow your hair, they do not offer a comprehensive result like you’ll get with a hair transplant. Hair transplant is the most appropriate for your hair loss. Nearly 80% of men suffer one form of hair loss or the other. While some might start to experience hair loss at a young age, others grow a bit older before they begin to experience it.

Either way, when hair loss sets in and your hairline begins to recede while your hair strands are thinning, the best approach is to get a hair transplant. This was the case with David Silva. Hair transplant offers the right kind of hair regeneration approach that gets your hair back to good condition.

Noteworthy, getting a hair transplant is an expensive thing to do. Hair transplant services are on the high side. This accounts for why many celebrities are able to get hair transplants with ease and convenience. This is because they have the money. There have been other footballers that have taken to getting a hair transplant. Asides David Silva, there is also Rooney.

David Silva’s Hair Transplant Procedure

You might wonder what technique was used for David Silva’s hair transplant knowing full well that there are two major procedures. The technique used for David Silva was the FUE technique which refers to the Follicular Unit Extraction technique. This is a common procedure even highly efficient for delivering results.

The FUE technique extracts hair from the back of your head and transfers the single follicle to the balding parts of your head. The hair is taken from the back of your head because there is an abundance there and the hair strands grow easily. One knows that David Silva got an FUE technique hair transplant, because some of the existing photos indicate the presence of a red-acne. This is a major indication of the FUE technique.

If the case were that his hair transplant used the FUT technique, then there would have been linear scars or wounds in the donor area. However, no one could spot this. This is what makes it clear that the FUE technique, which is the common one of the two, was the technique used for serving David Silva’s hair transplant.

Cost Of David Silva’s Hair Transplant

David has his hair transplant for a sum of £33000. This is a bit on the high side considering that there are other locations where the same quality would have gone for a low price. The cost of a hair transplant depends on a number of factors. These factors are responsible for the cost of the hair transplant. Here are some of the factors responsible for the cost of David Silva’s hair transplant.


David wanted to have the transplant in a clinic that had been in practice for a long number of years. The clinic also has top surgeons that have been working in the area for long. To get the services of such experts, the charging price is always high. The experts are top doctors with exceptional profiles and job success rates. They have been working in the field for years and have learnt of various principles. This accounts for one of the reasons why the hair transplant was costly.

Use Of Technology

The clinic he used has high regard for the use of technology. Clinics that use some of the best technologies to deliver their hair transplant services are often high when it comes to pricing. This is because they are able to provide more excellent solutions and a wider range of services. With the use of technology and the right facilities, these clinics have been able to make their ways to the top. So, David Silva using a clinic meant that he wanted to do it in spite of the pricing.


The location you have chosen to get your hair transplant goes a long way in the cost of the total package. For places like Turkey, the cost of hair transplant is highly affordable. In fact, the cost sits at an average of $1700 to $2000. However, in the UK and the US, these are not the same. The same quality of hair transplant in the UK sits at an average of $25000. So, with David paying up to £33000, it is largely due to the location where he got the services.

Final Thoughts

David Silva has not said anything about his transplant. This is because he wishes to keep it that way. However, as a celebrity that cannot happen. Essentially, getting a hair transplant requires you to factor in the features that influence the cost of the hair transplant. This will ensure that you make informed decisions.


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