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DoctorsDr. Dogan Turan Reviews

Dr. Dogan Turan Reviews

Dr. Dogan Turan’s remarkable journey in the medical field commenced with his graduation from Istanbul Medical School in 1986. Following his mandatory military service, he returned to his hometown of Izmir, where he began crafting a unique and inspiring career. 

In 1999, Dr. Turan’s visionary spirit led to the establishment of the Deniz Private Medical Center and Deniz Hair Transplant Center. He dedicatedly served as a committed Medical Aesthetician at these centers until 2006. Notably, from 2001 to 2005, he held the prestigious role of Chief Surgeon in the General Directorate of Health Services for Borders and Coastal Zone of Turkey, an essential position under the Ministry of Health. 

Pioneering Advances in Healthcare 

Dr. Turan’s trailblazing efforts continued with the founding of the Karşıyaka Çesav Medical Center in 2005, adding another achievement to his already impressive career. This marked a significant milestone in his commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare solutions. 

Transition to Istanbul and Specialization 

In 2012, Dr. Turan’s expertise expanded to Istanbul. With an unwavering dedication to the hair restoration industry, he took on roles as a Hair Transplant Surgeon, Medical Aesthetician, and General Manager. Notably, since 2018, he has served as the esteemed Medical Director and Co-Owner of FUECAPILAR, solidifying his legacy in the field. 

Dr. Turan’s reputation extends globally as an esteemed member of organizations such as the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons and the American Board of Hair Loss. His association with the World Fue Institute showcases his commitment to staying at the forefront of hair restoration advancements. Recognitions by the Hair Restoration Network and Belli Capelli further establish him as a recommended practitioner in the field. 

With over 3500 successful hair transplant operations since 1999, Dr. Dogan Turan’s influence on the industry is indisputable. His innovative spirit shone through with the adoption of the implanter pen method, a testament to his creativity in the field. 

Thanks to his wealth of experience, Dr. Turan frequently graces the screens of national TV channels such as TRT, Haber Turk, Turk Sky, Show TV, and ATV Europe. His appearances are a testament to his authority and extensive insights into the evolving landscape of hair transplant techniques. 

Introducing FUECAPILAR 

In 2017, FUECAPILAR emerged as a beacon of hope for those seeking effective hair restoration solutions. Dedicated to achieving results that emulate the grace of nature, FUECAPILAR’s skilled doctors and specialized medical teams passionately address hair loss concerns. The hallmark of FUECAPILAR Clinics lies in their doctor-led approach to care. 

Dr. Turan and his accomplished peer, Dr. Gur, are personally invested in every aspect of the hair transplant operations at FUECAPILAR. Their hands-on involvement ensures precision during crucial phases. The diverse procedures they’ve performed, tailored to various hair characteristics, reassure patients that they are in capable hands. 

FUECAPILAR’s commitment to consistently natural results remains steadfast. The medical experts meticulously adhere to international best practices, ensuring each procedure meets the highest standards. Their dedication extends to training the assisting medical and consultancy teams, creating a synergy of expertise aimed at providing unparalleled service to those seeking to rediscover their hair’s magnificence.


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