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Alopecia treatmentsDomestic treatments for alopecia

Domestic treatments for alopecia

Hair plays a fundamental role in our image. That is why, as soon as we realize that we are going through an unusual fall of hair, we must start looking for solutions that prevent the development of alopecia and end up affecting the vast majority of our scalp.

Before we go over the best remedies we can use to fight against alopecia compared to what we have at hand or we can find in any supermarket, it is important to remember that, in case you go through an indiscriminate hair loss, it is vital to visit a professional in medicine, who will offer you a tailored solution, after analyzing your specific case, to stop the evolution of alopecia as soon as possible.

Domestic remedies to fight against alopecia

Any remedy aimed at putting an end to excess of sebum, dandruff and desquamation, at favoring blood flow to the scalp or a proper cleaning of the hair growth zone, could make a great change in our hair health.

That is why we offer you some domestic treatments that, according to our readers, have been great for stopping the hair loss as well as making your hair looks much healthier, stronger and brighter.

Domestic remedies for dry dandruff

Extra virgin olive oil: we mix five spoons of oil with half a lemon and heat it for a few minutes. Then we apply it on the scalp for about half an hour and wash it out with a shampoo to finish the dry dandruff.

Argan oil: we mix a couple of spoons of argan oil with one of olive oil, heat it, apply it on the scalp for half an hour and wash it out with a shampoo to put a finish to dry dandruff.

Apple cider vinegar: we mix five spoons of vinegar with five spoons of distilled water, apply it on the scalp, let it dry and wash it out with cold water.

Sodium bicarbonate: we mix two spoons of baking soda with a little spoon of olive oil and a little water, apply it on the scalp, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it out with cold water.

Lemon: we peel a lemon and boil the rind with a glass of water for a couple of minutes, apply it on the scalp and leave it during the day until it’s time to wash it again.

Domestic remedies for seborrheic dandruff

Honey: we mix ten spoons of pure honey with three of hot water, apply it while massaging the scalp, cover it with a rag and, after three hours, wash it out with cold water.

Domestic remedies against the fall of hair

Onion juice: we squeeze an onion and apply the extracted juice on the scalp. We leave it for half an hour and wash it out with cold water.

Egg whites: we beat four egg whites, apply them on the scalp, leave them for half an hour and wash it out with cold water.

Green cabbage: we cook the cabbage leaves and apply them on the scalp. We let it dry and wash it with cold water.

Aloe vera: we cut the leaf and, as if massaging and gently, apply it on the scalp. Let it dry and wash it out with cold water.

Natural oils: we take a container and add ten drops of essential oil, of Atlantic cedar, of thyme and of rosemary and mix it with a spoon of vegetable or hazelnut oil, massage the scalp and wash it with our silicone-and-parabens-free shampoo

Castor oil: we dilute three to four spoons in half a liter of oil and use it as a lotion before washing your hair.

Nettle Infusion: we take a container, add five spoons of nettle, add a liter of water and boil it for ten minutes. We leave it all night and, the next day, we apply this lotion on the scalp, massage gently and wash it with cold water.

Beet: we prepare a beet juice and apply it as a lotion on the scalp, leave it for at least half an hour and wash it out.

Other solutions against alopecia

Other solutions to fight against alopecia we can find in other places than pharmacies are those related to food. There are not few foods that help us strengthen the hair follicles.

A good example of this is onion, garlic or lemon, which are very helpful in fighting against possible infections of the scalp.

So are foods rich in vitamin B1, B6 and B12 such as carrots or coconut milk. These foods, also rich in antioxidants, help strengthen hair.

Other food groups that must appear in our diet, considering that they are good at repairing tissues such as skin, nails or hair, are usually eggs, nuts, blue fish, dairy and fruits and vegetables.

In addition to foods with vitamin B, it is important to eat food rich in vitamin A and C, omega 3, and those rich in iron, zinc or potassium.

Finally, remember again the importance of quick detection of alopecia to avoid it to extend to the entire scalp. That is why, in the case you realize an unusual fall of hair, we recommend you visit a hair health specialist so, he will offer you the right solution for your problem after examining you.

No matter if it is through any of the existing treatments to strengthen the hair, or a hair transplant intervention destined to repopulate those areas where the hair has stopped growing, this will help you show off a dense, leafy, healthy and bright hair.


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