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ClinicsEgemed Hospital Reviews

Egemed Hospital Reviews

With its 12,000 square metres of enclosed space, open and closed parking lots, 12 suites, and 87 single-bed patient rooms, Egemed Hospital, which began providing medical services in November 2012 under the name International Soke Hospital, is one of the largest private hospitals in our region. As part of a strategic plan for development and investment, the hospital announced in January 2015 that it would be changing its name to EGEMED HOSPITALS. Egemed Hospitals has brought medical services to the upper class in the region, and as a result, it has boosted awareness with its experienced team, courteous employees, and high-quality health services that make patients feel as though they are in their own homes.

Perfect treatment chances are supplied to the company’s domestic and international patients in the most effective manner thanks to the numerous contracted institutions, domestic and foreign insurance contracts, SGK agreements, and successful protocols that exist outside of these. Egemed Hospitals has demonstrated the importance it attaches not only to the health of individuals, but also to the health of the general population by not only providing health services, but also by organising prenatal and postnatal education services for expectant mothers, scientific conferences, and preventive and preventive health screenings as a baby-friendly hospital. This demonstrates that Egemed Hospitals places an emphasis on both individual and public health.

Egemed Hospital Mission

Egemed Hospitals Center

To use cutting-edge technology and make decisions based on the results of scientific studies; to be dependable, qualified, and respectful of patient rights; to be founded on ethical principles; to be a modernizer and to engage in continuous self-improvement; and to be the healthcare provider of choice by putting patient and staff safety first.

Egemed Hospital Vision

Egemed Hospital in Turkey is preparing to establish a new private healthcare model called as “individual private healthcare.” They are striving to be one of the institutions that pioneered the individual private health idea while still providing comprehensive services. They set out to establish themselves as the most recognised medical facility in the area. Furthermore, they are devoted to accomplishing their aim of becoming the foremost chain hospital group in the healthcare industry.


With its investments in the field of health, Egemed Hospitals, whose institutional structure is strengthening day by day, aims to provide full and permanent service not only today but also in the future, continues to keep the pulse of your health in all of Aydn and even the Aegean Region, particularly in Kuşadas, Didim, and Söke.

  • Applications in Plastic Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Breast Aesthetics
  • Eyelid Aesthetics
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Hand And Microsurgery
  • Moles, Skin Cancer, Soft Tissues
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Prominent Ear Aesthetics
  • Non-Surgical Aesthetics (Botox, Fillers, Facial Rejuvenation Methods)
  • Diabetes Wounds
  • Burn

Why Choose Them

VIP Transportation

The hospital provides VIP transportation services for its patients coming in from oversea and also VIPs based in Turkey that needs the services

Personal Assistance

The hospital also provides personal assistance services to all its patients such as interpreters, visa processing and booking of flights

VIP Hospitalization

Another reason why people chooses Egemed Hospitals is the VIP hospitalization that the hospital offers its patients. The Hospital is well design to give both the patients and their loved one a well-deserved rest.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The clinic offers 100 percent satisfaction for all its teeming patients

Follow Up

Finally, at Egemed Hospital, they ensure to follow up on their patients after the treatment so as to keep tab on the well-being of the patient.



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