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DoctorsDr. Erkan Demirsoy Reviews

Dr. Erkan Demirsoy Reviews

Dr. Erkan Demirsoy is a renowned surgeon in Turkey with more than 22 years of knowledge regarding hair restoration surgery. The FUT procedure, which entails cutting a section of flesh from the patient’s back of the head and transferring the hair grafts to the recipient area, is how he started his profession. He now uses the more recent FUE technique, and depending on the patient, he can either use a manual punch or a micromotor to complete the procedure.

In order to produce the most realistic results, Dr. Demirsoy customizes each hair transplantation surgery, from hairline designing to hair graft retrieval and channel opening.

At his medical center in Istanbul, Dr. Demirsoy directly performs all operations himself with the assistance of just a few assistants, in contrast to many clinics that depend on staff members to carry out the surgery, guaranteeing everything is carried out properly and to the the client’s satisfaction.

Dr. Erkan Demirsoy

Dr. Demirsoy may conduct in excess of 4,000 grafts each day using a specialized equipment, giving patients the ability to attain natural hair thickness and coverage in one sitting without needing to undergo numerous treatments. He puts a lot of focus on working slowly and meticulously, using his knowledge to properly prepare and execute each stage of the method. His patients benefit from high-performance and outcomes that look natural as a result.

He is an alumnus of Gazi University and has an ISHRS membership. He has gained an enviable track record as one among the most reputable hair restoration doctors in Turkey thanks to his commitment to giving his patients the best care possible.

According to the patient’s preferences, FUE specialist Dr. Demirsoy can execute the treatment using either a conventional punch or an automated micro punch. To produce results that are high-quality and natural-looking, he places a lot of attention on working slowly and meticulously. Hairline fashion, graft the extraction process, channel opening, and hair transplantation planning are all done by the doctor personally. The treatment includes shaving the patient’s hair beforehand, anesthetic, graft extraction, incisions, and graft insertion.

A manually operated punch can only extract up to 1000–1500 grafts, but an automated micro punch can remove 2000–4000 grafts in just one session.

The hair transplantation center in Istanbul, Turkey run by Dr. Erkan Demirsoy offers patients from other nations video consultations and pricing estimates in addition to transfer and translation services. According to clinic rules, patients must be 25 years of age or older in order to undergo hair restoration procedures.

This is because before hair transplant is performed, younger patients’ alopecia conditions need to be properly stabilized. Prior to the transplant, Dr. Demirsoy also mandates that younger patients take Finasteride, a medication that halts the progression of alopecia. The treatment can be completed for as little as €2500, with an additional €220 for accommodation costs and transportation, according to Health Travels, a German organization that helps overseas patients.

With 30–40 grafts per cm2, Dr. Demirsoy’s dense packing technique allows for high density. Patients can take pauses, listen to music, or watch television during the operation, which can last up to 6 to 9 hours. The clinic also provides brow restoration surgeries, which, subject to the patient’s requirements, may call for 400–700 grafts.



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