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ClinicsEsteCapelli Clinic Reviews

EsteCapelli Clinic Reviews

The EsteCapelli Clinic is a private medical facility that provides a variety of medical specialties to its patients in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. The clinic provides a variety of specialized services, some of which are dental treatment, plastic surgery, and cosmetic medicine. EsteCapelli Clinic serves solely adults and the EsteCapelli Clinic, attends to over five hundred patients every year in search of medical care. Patients from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe, the United States of America, and Canada make up the majority of those who seek treatment at the facility.

As Estecapelli, they are in possession of all official documents that are relevant to the health tourism business in Turkey, and these documents can be found in Estecapelli’s files. As a result of this, they are able to provide their patients with reassurance and ensure that their needs are met. Estecapelli was established with the purpose of assisting a large number of people in better preparing themselves for the future, and it presently has more than 15,000 patients who are pleased with their results. The clinic is up to date on all of the latest scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs in the field of hair transplantation and aesthetic treatments.

Estecapelli Mission and Goals

EsteCapelli Clinic and Doctors

The expansion of Estecapelli’s already-established reputation for excellence in the field of hair transplantation to other fields of aesthetic medicine is the company’s top priority in the years to come. However, the major objective of all of their medical treatments and procedures is to secure the safety of their patients, to ensure that their patients are comfortable while they are receiving care, and to ensure that they leave the facility feeling content with the care they received.

Services and Facilities

Estecapelli is a medical facility that is staffed by surgeons who have been active in the field of hair transplantation for an appreciable amount of time and have collected a significant amount of expertise over the course of their careers. You are going to have a fantastic time exploring Istanbul with Estecapelli, and in the process, you are going to make significant strides toward improving your health.

Estecapelli will not only treat you but also take you on a pleasurable excursion throughout Istanbul using its health tourism licensing certificate, which has been authorized by the Ministry of Health. While in Istanbul, you may look forward to seeing the city’s many attractions.

You will be able to schedule your therapy as well as your vacation if you only get in touch with them. This medical facility provides a variety of services, such as anesthesia that does not cause any discomfort, no charge for the initial consultation with the attending physician, a pharmaceutical package, and a unique vitamin treatment that is exclusive to EsteCapelli patients.

In addition to these one-of-a-kind services, EsteCapelli provides its patients with the opportunity to have their first washing performed in the hospital, an aftercare package lasting one month, transfers in a luxury vehicle, two nights’ lodging in a five-star hotel, a lifetime guarantee certificate, and an interpreter’s services.


When it comes to the clinic’s facilities, EsteCapelli is glad to say that they are both first-class and state-of-the-art clinic. You can anticipate to find state-of-the-art gear at the medical center, which makes treatments less time consuming and uncomfortable for patients. The medical center gives its patients access to a wide range of other high-quality services, such as hotels and VIP automobiles, as part of the care they receive there


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