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NewsEuro Istanbul Medical Group Reviews

Euro Istanbul Medical Group Reviews

Euro Istanbul is an industry leader in numerous sub-divisions of medicine, including hair transplant, cosmetic surgery, eye care, dental care, and obesity surgery, among others. It can provide patients with cheap access to the medical care of the best possible standard because of its all-encompassing, 360-degree management and the involvement of internationally renowned experts.

It provides and ensures high-quality medical treatments at low prices in the fields of hair transplants, dental treatments, plastic surgery, eye care, and obesity surgery. Additionally, it employs surgeons who have received worldwide certification in their respective specialties. They not only provide support in the medical field in Turkey but also do so in several other nations. They have locations in Switzerland, Italy, Norway, and the Netherlands, in addition to the main headquarters in Turkey.

Euro Istanbul is distinguished from other businesses by the fact that it tends to take care of and satisfies all of the requirements of its clients throughout their travels. This includes making hotel arrangements, providing transportation to and from the airport, organizing cultural tours, and making recommendations for restaurants, among other services. Check out the hair transplant procedures provided by Euro Istanbul Clinic, the most reputable clinic for hair restoration in Turkey, which boasts unrivaled quality at affordable pricing.

Hair Transplantation Using the FUE Method

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New techniques can now be employed to perform hair transplants that look and feel more natural. FUE provides the most cutting-edge method of hair transplantation currently available. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the only method of hair transplantation that Euro Istanbul offers.

Beard Transplant

The procedure known as a beard transplant involves removing follicles from the donor site (the back of the head or beneath the chin) and replanting them in the regions of the beard or mustache that need to be covered up to achieve a higher density of hair.

Eyebrow Transplant

The majority of the time, grafts are taken from the region behind the ears, and then they are transplanted to the parts of the face that are supposed to be covered by the eyebrows. To accomplish this goal, a consultation is required. During this time, the patient will discuss his objectives with the transplant specialist.

PRP Hair Treatment (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

Because the plasma treatment contains nutritional components such as keratinocytes and other epithelial development elements, it can ensure outstanding results like the thickening, fullness, and growth of newly transplanted hair follicles.


5-Star Hotel

The highest level of patient comfort that is at all possible is always the first thing that they aim for here. They won’t consider anything less than a five-star hotel when making reservations. Breakfast is included, at no additional cost, for every one of their reservations.

Because they operate with a variety of airlines, they are capable of assisting you in planning your holiday and locating plane tickets at prices that are within your budget before you even arrived in Turkey.

After the process has been over, they will not lose touch with you in any way. They will keep following up on you and see how far along you are in your recovery even after you have gone home. Occasionally, they will ask you for images that illustrate your present situation. When it is deemed essential, they will evaluate the state of your health by communicating with you via video chat.



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