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DoctorsDr. Ezequiel Panno Reviews

Dr. Ezequiel Panno Reviews

Dr. Ezequiel Panno, a distinguished expert in the field, has made remarkable contributions to the realm of hair transplants. Hailing from Argentina, he obtained his medical license from the esteemed H.A. University Institute, Barceló of Buenos Aires. Specializing in capillary medicine, with a specific focus on transplantation, Dr. Panno has garnered recognition worldwide. His expertise extends across borders, as he is authorized to practice as a hair transplant professional in the United Kingdom.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Dr. Panno has meticulously assembled and trained his clinical team in his groundbreaking techniques, encompassing the extraction of follicular units and body hair follicular units. Their collective efforts are dedicated to addressing both male and female alopecia cases, delivering minimally invasive treatments that ensure impeccable quality and yield natural, vibrant results.

Sharing Knowledge and Experience 

Dr. Panno’s passion for imparting knowledge has led him to actively engage with the academic community. His captivating lectures, workshops, and insightful papers have captivated audiences in universities throughout Spain. Fueled by his enthusiastic desire to share his techniques and experiences, he eagerly collaborates with other doctors, enriching the field of capillary medicine. 

Academic Qualifications and Global Expertise 

Dr. Panno’s journey to becoming an eminent hair transplant specialist began in his native Argentina, where he acquired his qualifications. Graduating from the University H.A. Barceló in Buenos Aires in 2004, he embarked on a path of specialization in hair transplants and capillary medicine. His pursuit of knowledge and expertise took him to Brazil, Canada, and the USA, where he honed his skills before achieving certification in Spain in 2005. Driven by a passion for constant growth, Dr. Panno is also a licensed hair transplant practitioner in the United Kingdom. 

Exceptional Team and Unrivaled Techniques 

To ensure unparalleled results and the highest standards of service, Dr. Panno has personally handpicked and extensively trained his clinical team. Their expertise lies in Dr. Panno’s revolutionary methods, including follicular unit extraction, follicular unit transplant, and body hair follicular unit extraction. This meticulous approach guarantees exceptional outcomes and instills confidence in every patient. By adopting minimally invasive treatments, the Panno Clinic cultivates an environment where natural, healthy results become a reality, inspiring renewed vitality and confidence. 

Sharing the Panno Technique 

Driven by his commitment to advancing the field of capillary medicine, Dr. Panno actively engages with the academic community. Through workshops and lectures held at prestigious universities across Spain, he passionately shares his techniques with fellow doctors. Additionally, Dr. Panno collaborates exclusively with Groupo Pedro Jaen of Madrid, an esteemed dermatologist, as a consultant for specialized clinics worldwide. His dedication to the progression of hair transplant practices serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals and establishes him as a true visionary in the field. 

Innovative Techniques in Hair Transplants 

  • Follicular Unit Extraction: Delicate extraction of hair follicles in naturally occurring units of one to four follicles for transplantation. 
  • Follicular Unit Transplant: Transplanting hair in naturally occurring follicular units to ensure optimal results. 
  • Body Hair Follicular Unit Extraction: Harvesting hair follicles in naturally occurring units from the body. 
  • Strip Harvesting: Safely removing a strip of skin and meticulously dissecting it into individual follicular units.



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