Female alopecia

hair loss

Does portpartum hair loss exist

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many changes that might develop some consequences. One of them is losing hair after the

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alopecia por estrés

What is stress alopecia?

Hairloss at an early age may happen because of stress and anxiety. It is very common for people with an agitated life,

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alopecia precoz

How to detect the signs of early alopecia

No matter the age, hair loss is always worrisome, but starting to suffer from it while still young, a time in life

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frenar la alopecia

How to stop alopecia

If at some point in your life you experience an intense hair loss, it doesn’t mean that you suffer from alopecia. When

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alopecia mujeres

Alopecia in Women

One out of two women will suffer from some type of alopecia during her life. That’s how powerful the statistics collected by

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