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DoctorsDr. Geza Sikos Reviews

Dr. Geza Sikos Reviews

In the heart of Budapest, Hungary, a realm of aesthetic transformation emerged in 1992, crafted by the skilled hands of Géza Sikos, M.D. Renowned as a board-certified plastic surgeon and a hair transplant specialist, Dr. Sikos established Sikos Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplant Clinic. For over three decades, this establishment has remained dedicated to the art of hair restoration, providing unwavering service to those seeking a path towards renewed confidence. 

Unparalleled Patient Care 

Dr. Sikos, a beacon of professionalism, has garnered praise from patients around the world. His unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional care resonates profoundly with those who have entrusted their journeys of transformation to him. With meticulous attention to detail, Dr. Sikos caters to each patient’s needs, both before and after their procedure. Personalized care, tailored to every individual, is the cornerstone of his practice. 

A Pioneer in the Field: Decades of Expertise 

With a career spanning back to 1984, Dr. Sikos possesses a wealth of experience in the realm of plastic surgery. Boasting 12 years of clinical expertise and over 25 years of private practice, he stands as a true authority in his craft. While specializing in follicular unit extraction (FUE) surgeries due to high demand, Dr. Sikos also offers follicular unit transplantation (FUT-strip harvesting) techniques at his clinic. Furthermore, selected cases may benefit from a combined FUE-FUT approach, exemplifying his versatility in tailoring solutions for optimal results. 

Tailored Solutions for Every Need 

Dr. Sikos’s mastery extends beyond scalp hair restoration alone. His clinic embraces a diverse range of treatments, including repairs for previous transplant procedures, burn-related hair loss, trauma-induced hair loss, and hair loss of non-genetic origin. Moreover, Sikos Clinic accommodates special requests for reconstructing facial hair, such as beards and mustaches, as well as chest and pubic hair restoration. Every individual’s unique requirements are met with utmost care and expertise. 

A Trusted Name in Europe 

Recognized across Europe as a beacon of quality, Sikos Hair Transplant Clinic has earned an esteemed reputation. Patients hailing from various European countries, including Germany, France, and English-speaking nations, converge upon the clinic to avail themselves of Dr. Sikos’s world-class services. The abundance of returning patients serves as a testament to their utmost satisfaction and unwavering trust in Dr. Sikos’s abilities. 

The WAW FUE System 

Dr. Sikos’s clinic stands equipped with state-of-the-art tools, including the remarkable WAW FUE System developed by Dr. Jean Devroye in Brussels. This motorized punch system stands as one of the most acclaimed and widely used technologies in the field. Setting itself apart, the WAW system features a trumpet punch mechanism that strives to preserve grafts meticulously, minimizing the risk of transection during graft isolation. 

At Sikos Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplant Clinic, the pursuit of excellence and unwavering patient care merge harmoniously. Driven by a commitment to providing top-tier services at an affordable price point, Dr. Sikos transforms lives with remarkable skill and artistry. Embark on a transformative journey and experience the pinnacle of hair restoration expertise, under the care of Dr. Sikos, a trusted name in the field.


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