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Hair Bioplasty, Ideal Treatment for Hair Dryness

Finding out one’s hair is so dry, looks dull, and is unattractive can be very unsettling. This even goes from bad to worse during winter. And hair products may not work in resolving this issue of dryness. So, what exactly do you do when your hair becomes pretty dry?

Several things cause hair dryness. But while knowing these causes is important, what’s more, important is finding the perfect solution that’ll address the condition from its roots, especially if hair products that are meant to nourish your hair aren’t working. One of the solutions that have proven to be effective is hair bioplasty.

Have you heard about it or seen it on social media, and you’re wondering what it is? Or do you just want to know more than the limited idea of it? Let’s help you. This article will discuss what hair bioplasty is, show you its benefits, all in a bid to show you how perfect it is in resolving hair dryness. But before we go into that, let’s discuss what hair dryness is.

What’s Hair Dryness?

Hair dryness is a condition that shows when the hair cannot get enough moisture or oil to keep its smoothness and shine. The sheen is reduced drastically when this happens, and the hair becomes dull, lackluster, and dry. It happens to both men and women but is more common amongst old people.

Shiny hair is a sign of healthy hair. This means that the sebaceous glands that provide natural oil are fully functional. But when the hair appears to be dry, it means the sebaceous glands aren’t providing oil, or the hair cannot retain whatever they produce. And when this happens, the hair becomes dry and looks unhealthy.

Hair dryness is caused by so many things, which includes the following:

  • Direct sunlight on the scalp
  • Residence in a hot climate
  • Constant hair wash
  • Harsh hair products
  • Chemical hair treatment
  • Aging
  • Underlying health issues like hypothyroidism, Menkes syndrome, hypoparathyroidism, anorexia Nervosa, etc.

There are many ways to treat hair dryness, but sometimes, these ways may be abortive, hence the need for more reliable treatment options for hair dryness. The most recent and effective treatment for hair dryness is hair bioplasty.

Hair Bioplasty

Hair bioplasty is a treatment specially designed to solve dryness in the hair. It does this by sealing the cuticles in a way the hair can retain moisture to keep it oiled at all times. This way, every regenerative treatment on the hair becomes more active and effective.

Bioplasty performs this function with the help of hyaluronic acid, whose role is solely to hydrate the hair to eliminate frizz. This treatment also repairs damaged split ends and restores the lost hair mass. With many people opting for this treatment, it may be the solution your hair also needs.

The good thing about hair bioplasty is that you can combine it with several other regenerative treatments. This way, everything works in uniformity to give you the most desirable outcomes for your hair. So, what are the things hair bioplasty can do?

What Hair Bioplasty Do

Hair bioplasty performs the following functions:

Hydrates the Hair and Scalp

Hydration is the primary function of hair bioplasty because the lack of moisture is the root cause of hair dryness. Hence, hair bioplasty goes to the root of the problem and resolves it. If the scalp is hydrated, it is fresh and soothing, and this hydration eliminates dryness which ultimately reflects in the quality and appearance of the hair.

Restructures the Hair Strands

Another thing hair bioplasty performs is strand reconstruction. When the hair is dry for a long period, it becomes porous; that’s exactly why it may not be able to retain moisture. But with hair bioplasty, the hair is restructured so that the porosity is sealed and moisture loss is controlled.

Allows Hair Nourishment

Once hair bioplasty seals the cuticles and allows for moisture retention, nutrients become easily absorbed, unlike before the treatment. By this time, whatever hair care product you apply on the hair takes effect, and the nutrients from the products show in the hair appearance.

Who is Hair Bioplasty Most Suitable For?

Hair bioplasty is more effective if performed on a hair type that’s been dry for a considerable length of time. As we’ve mentioned, its main objective is to add moisture to the hair. So, when this is done, dryness is automatically eliminated. People with curly hair can also have hair bioplasty to straighten out their curls.

Additionally, people whose hair has been damaged by their overreliance on chemical products can also have hair bioplasty. This treatment repairs the damaged part of the hair, restoring its health, malleability, and shine. Another thing hair bioplasty does to these hair types is to boost their hair volume by aligning the strands and making them straight.

How Is Hair Bioplasty Done?

Hair bioplasty is an easy but slightly technical treatment for hair dryness. It is easy because it doesn’t take so much time and isn’t invasive. And it’s technical because it requires the touch of a professional stylish. The following are the steps involved in doing hair bioplasty:

  • The hair must be washed with shampoo at least two times, for starters.
  • After the washing is completed, the hair must be towel-dried to remove the remaining water.
  • Once the hair is dry enough, it is separated into different layers.
  • The product for bioplasty is then applied to each layer that the stylist temporarily created.
  • After applying it, the treatment is allowed to stay on the hair for a while.
  • After a short period, the stylist must wash off the product based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If all this is carefully done, especially by a professional stylist, it’ll bring the most expected outcome. In addition, you can combine other treatments with hair bioplasty to further enhance the results on your hair.

Final Words

Hair dryness shouldn’t be a thing, with hair bioplasty as an effective and ideal treatment. So, whenever you notice some dryness in your hair, you must contact your stylist on what to do, especially if bioplasty will work for your hair type.


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