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Hair transplantThe best hair tansplant clinics in Barcelona

The best hair tansplant clinics in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the places that have a high concentration of hair clinics. If you are looking to get your hair graft services from a place where you can get varieties, this is one place to consider. Several clinics are offering top-notch services. Many people worldwide travel down to Barcelona to get their hair transplant and hair treatment services yearly.

The city receives lots of clients looking for the best hair clinics to get their hair transplants. More so, Barcelona has a high success rate concerning hair transplant. Since clients want clinics that can assure them of success, it becomes understandable why several people visit yearly.

Should I Get A Hair Transplant?

This is one of the questions many people often ask. You want to know whether you should get a hair transplant. Getting a hair transplant is not a difficult thing to do. Different reasons could cause you to get a hair transplant. If your hair starts to thin or you begin to witness some form of hair loss, you must find solutions if you care about your hair’s condition. Not everyone goes for a hair transplant. Some make use of hair treatment creams to address the issue.

However, hair transplants are often more effective. Within some seven months, you can have your hair back in good condition. This accounts for why many people go for hair transplants. More so, a successful hair transplant means that your hair will continue to regrow as though it were natural.

As a result of this, you’ll find many people going for hair transplants. Interestingly, there has been an increase in the number of hair graft clinics in Barcelona. This is owing to the fact that many people are looking towards the hair transplant solution. As such, clinics are springing up to match the demands of people.

Therefore, if your hair is thinning or you are suffering from hair loss, you perhaps should get a hair transplant. You should note that hair transplants are often expensive due to the facilities, expertise, and how delicate the procedure is. But you can choose Barcelona for your procedure if you want to get excellent services at a relatively affordable price. There are many clinics in Barcelona, and this has caused the pricing to adjust a bit more than what you’ll find in places like the UK.

So, if you want to book an appointment, you’ll have to know the best clinics you can use. These are the clinics that will give you value for your money without compromising excellence. This makes it essential that you read reviews on the best clinics in Barcelona. With this guide, you’ll gain insights into the best clinics you can use in Barcelona.

The Best Hair Graft Clinics In Barcelona

Here are some of the best clinics you can use in Barcelona. With these clinics, you are assured of excellent results.

1- Capilclinic

Are you looking to get the best clinic for your hair transplant and regeneration needs? Capilclinic is the top clinic you can use in Barcelona. The clinic is one of the largest groups across the world with branches in different locations. The team comprises leading experts with years of experience and top-notch expertise.

Some of the doctors in the clinic have contributed to the literature and development of the hair transplant industry in Spain as a whole. The clinic is also known for its high regard for organization and quality. Right from the point the team picks you up from the airport to when you’re done with your procedure, the team guarantees efficiency and professionalism.

Several clients travel to Capilclinic for their procedures. This is owing to the years of excellent services and impressive reviews the clinic has garnered. This is one place you want to check out for your hair treatment needs.

2- Medical Hair Institute

This is one of the best hair clinics in Barcelona. The clinic offers top-notch services that suit your needs. One unique thing about the clinic is that the surgeons calmly sit with you to understand your needs to tailor the solution to match those needs. If you need a place with high regard for organization in Barcelona, this is one of the best places for that.

The surgeons are also top-class and have a deft understanding of the market’s latest methods and techniques. The clinic makes use of the best surgeons for its services. This accounts for why it has been able to offer excellent services to several clients. The group also enjoys great reviews from past clients who had successful sessions with the institute.

3- Clinica Rinos Tarragona

If you are looking for a clinic with some of the best hair transplant facilities, this is one of the clinics you should consider. The clinic invests highly into getting the right facilities to serve the needs of its clients. The clinic also prioritizes professionalism. As such, with this clinic, you can rest assured that you’ll be treated to the highest standards of professionalism. Asides from the FUE technique, the clinic is also vast across several other areas, which makes it a favorite in the market.

The clinic offers a comprehensive list of services that are not restricted to hair treatment. This includes mesotherapy, hair regeneration, among a host of others. So, if you are looking for a clinic that offers excellent value, you should consider this one.

4- Clinica Rinos

This clinic has enjoyed great reviews from users. This is one of the best clinics offering top-notch services to serve your needs. If you need to get a hair transplant in Barcelona, this clinic should be one of the best clinics to consider. The clinic uses the latest technologies to render its services and has great regard for organization and planning. The team will work you through the process and make the sessions suitable to fit your plans.

Dr. Pallares, alongside his team, performs wonderful operations and delivers excellent services. The team has a deft understanding of top techniques in the market. Asides from FUE, the team is vast across various other techniques and offer you services that deliver lasting results.

5- Neo Capilar Clinic

This clinic is a small team of experts carrying on hair transplant services to match clients’ needs. If you are looking to get your hair graft services from just a small team of individuals, this is one of the best places to visit. The team also has an impressive ratio of excellent service and affordable pricing. This makes the clinic sought after in Barcelona. You can get your hair procedure done without having to break your bank.

All You Need To Know About Hair Graft In Barcelona

A hair transplant is a procedure that makes use of hair grafts. The procedure transfers hair grafts from one part of the head to another where the hair lacks. This procedure addresses baldness, hair loss, hair thinning, and some other hair problems that males battle with. The process is not so much of an incisive one. It requires the services of an expert. Asides from the hair on your head, the procedure can also be used for eyebrows, beards, among others.

Methods Of Hair Transplant

Essentially, experts make use of two methods to perform this procedure. These two methods are widely used across various clinics. If you have to choose a clinic in Barcelona, the clinic must be vast in these methods.

FUT: This refers to follicular unit transplantation. With this, hair grafts will be moved from the donor area and cut into smaller pieces to be implanted into the target area. Although this method is fast becoming unpopular, it is one of the two methods generally in use.

FUE: This refers to follicular unit extraction. With this method, the surgeon will move hair from the donor area and move the hair to the area lacking. This method is now the common one that many experts across various clinics now use.

How Long Should You Wait After The Procedure

Any of these procedures will take a maximum of 8 hours to complete within two days or just a few days. Your procedure may be spread across a few more sessions if your condition is extreme and requires extra care. In this case, you may have to wait a few more days. Once you are done with the procedure, you can head back to your hotel.

You should visit the clinic after the procedure so that the doctor can remove the bandage. Following this, the doctor will provide you with all you may need, such as a shampoo. After this, you should be safe to take your leave.

You should know that the sensitivity of your scalp will increase and remain so for a few days. You’ll be quick to feel pain in the area. As such, it is advisable that you take some rest following your procedure.

Does Barcelona Have A High Success Rate?

The simple answer is yes. Barcelona has a high success rate. In fact, Barcelona has one of the highest success rates across the world. It has a 98% success rate.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a place to get excellent services for your money’s value, Barcelona is one of the places to consider. The location has some of the best clinics to serve your needs.


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