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Hair transplantTop 3 Hair Transplant Clinics in Birmingham, UK

Top 3 Hair Transplant Clinics in Birmingham, UK

With the introduction of new scientific and technological systems, better and more efficient methods of problem solving emerge. Hair loss is an area that is certainly not left out as people keep coming up with new ways to address the issue. The most recent and what looks like the ultimate step is the science of hair transplanting. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are transferred from one area of the body to another. The donor site is the part of the body from which it is extracted, whereas the recipient side is the balding area of the body where the hair follicles are implanted. Hair follicles in the skin are extracted from areas of the skin that are resistant to baldness and transplanted to the affected areas during this procedure. These hair follicles are been grafted (this involves surgically removing a living tissue from one part of the body). Hair transplantation differs from grafting in that the tissue collected is simply a strip of skin as opposed to skin grafting where both the dermis and epidermis are affected. By doing this, the operation aims at mimicking the natural hair orientation of the patient.

With the permanence of solution provided by hair transplantation, it is important to note some other factors that should be considered before undergoing this procedure.

  • BCost Factor: Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and hence interested patients would have to prepare for the financial aspects of the procedure. Hair transplanting is a procedure that costs thousands of dollars with the most affordable clinics charging as much as $3000 and more. This would not include post-operation healthcare. There is also the fact that the patient would not be able to resume work for a while during the recovery process. This is normal for every surgical procedure. Hence, considering this, it would be safe to say that a person would need to have enough financial ability to settle this bill and at the same time, have a secure enough job that would accommodate such a period of absence.
  • Recurrence: Another mythical inclination that ought to be considered before opting in for hair transplanting is the permanence factor. Hair transplanting offers a permanent solution to the issue of thinning and genetic balding. Nonetheless, it provides a solution only for the area of focus. The implication of this is the fact that it raises the possibility of a person having a hair transplanting operation more than once in their lifetime. This also defends the stipulation of a minimum age of 25 years for anyone interested in undergoing the process. At this time, most of the thinning/balding areas would be identifiable already.
  • Choice of Clinic: Because of the competitive nature of the industry, it’s easy to ignore how sensitive the operation is. As a result, many clinics have been known to promote a less expensive procedure over the certainty of a successful procedure and the general care that is always required after any surgical procedure.

Top 3 Hair Transplant Clinics in Birmingham

In light of these considerations, the following is a list of the top three verified clinics that provide hair transplant services in Birmingham, UK.

Este Medical Group

Este Medical Group, located at 9 Portland Road, Birmingham B16 9HN, UK is first on our list of top hair transplants in the UK. They have a Google rating of 4.8/5.0 from 1,184 reviews. Their website is estemedical

Este medical group is listed on their website as the UK’s leading skin and hair specialists, which is a bold claim. Este Medical Group, with over 25 years of experience in the field of skin and hair care, is without a doubt the best place to be in Birmingham for anyone considering a hair transplant. Their website lists approximately 9 of the most recent technologies that they use in practice. It’s no surprise that they won the Global CEO Excellence Awards’ award for the best cosmetic hair services in 2021. Among their validations is a 5.0/5.0 rating from Trust pilot based on 1,863 reviews.

Este Medical Group also offers free consultation services which can be booked through a short form on their website or through a call to their contact number. They have about 7 other clinics in the UK and 4 more outside of the United Kingdom. They also offer laser hair regrowth as an alternative to a hair transplant operation amongst others.

Ultra Hair Clinic

Ultra Hair Clinic, located at 12-14 Legge Lane, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B1 3LD, UK is second on our list of top hair transplants in the UK. They have a Google rating of 4.9/5.0 from 118 reviews. Their website is

Ultra Hair Clinic is a well-known hair clinic in Birmingham, England. With a plethora of customer-tailored offers, it is clear that they care deeply about their patients, even going so far as to provide customer-tailored post-operative health care, as boldly stated on their website. In addition, Ultra Hair Clinic provides free consultation services to interested clients. They are offering a free laser hair re-growth session as an exclusive offer. They boast of being able to create any hairstyle desired by a patient, stating unequivocally that many of their clients bring along pictures and magazines of how they want to look after the operation. This place is a dream come true for anyone planning to have a hair transplant in Birmingham.

Enhance Hair Restoration

Enhance Hair Restoration, located at Beech House, 60 Halesowen Road, Lydiate Ash, Bromsgrove, B61 0QL, UK is third on our list of top hair transplants in the UK. They have a Google rating of 4.6/5.0 from 11 reviews. Their website is

Enhance hair restoration are experts in hair transplant services. With a 5 star rating from Trustpilot, they stand out as one of the best clinics offering hair transplant services in the UK. They also offer free consultation services. With 12 other clinics across the UK, they boast of over 50,000 satisfied clients. Prices for a hair transplant ranges from $3,000 and above with payment plans available for customers.

Needless to say, Birmingham is home to the best hair transplant clinics. It is without a doubt the best place to be.


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