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Hair transplant has risen to become one of the most sought-after treatments for men in recent times. Hair transplant is the process of transferring hair to the parts of your head where it is lacking. It serves different beauty needs and helps restore the confidence of those whose hair has a long way to go in their appearance. This has increased the pace at which clinics are receiving patients who want to have a hair transplant.

People seek hair transplants for different reasons. For some, the shape of their hair is relevant to their career. People, mostly in this category, are celebrities and public figures who have built a personality around their hair and created an image in their audience’s minds.

For people like this, maintaining their hair is crucial, which accounts for why several celebrities have their hair transplants. From Wayne Rooney to Elon Musk and Jamie Foxx, hair transplant is a common thing among celebrities. Another thing accounting for hair transplant being famous among celebs is that the celebs have the money to foot the bills.

In London today, there has been an upsurge in the number of clinics. This speaks to the fact that several people are getting more acquainted and patronizing hair transplant clinics. In times past, hair transplant had bad publicity due to certain hair transplant sessions’ failure, which made it look as though hair transplant doesn’t offer the value for your money. But with the advent of new hair transplant clinics, this challenge has been greatly reduced. Continue reading to know more.

Do I Need A Hair Transplant?

The first question many people have to ask is whether or not they need a hair transplant. Identifying the need for it is the first step to take. If your hairline is receding without any hope of growing back, you may need a hair transplant if you want to retain your look. For some, their hair began to recede due to old age, while for others, the hair started to recede owing to genetic composition.

Either way, when your hair begins to recede, and it doesn’t grow again, this is one moment you may need a hair transplant. If you are in London and you’re looking for the best place to get a health clinic that can serve your hair transplant needs, then you may want to check some of the best clinics in London here.

Best Clinics in London

1- Capilclinic

If you need the best clinic that offers excellent and top-notch services from start to finish, Capilclinic is the right place to go. The clinic is the best one located in London, delivering excellent hair treatment services using the top surgeons. The clinic comprises top doctors that understand the essential techniques in the hair transplant field. If you need a hair transplant, you can book a session with Capilclinic, where their surgeons are leading experts in the FUE hair transplant method. The clinic comprises leading experts in the market.

The clinic has gotten impressive 5-star reviews from clients who have had sessions with them and enjoy the sessions they had. With its reviews, years of service, and customer satisfaction rate, the clinic has become the best clinic in London offering services to people across various walks of life.

2- Westminster Medical Centre

If you intend to get the best hair transplant services in London, this group is one of the best you can reach out to for your sessions. The group has been at the forefront of hair transplant sessions and have performed different operations on several people. They have done hair transplants for no less than 8000 patients since inception, and their reputation is solid in the market. Their surgeons are top-tier surgeons with an understanding of the transplant process. They are also well-equipped to handle your hair irrespective of your hair loss.

In 2003, a surgeon from this medical group named Dr. Rogers introduced the widely known FUT and FUE transplant method, which has become a method effectively patronized among the practitioners of hair transplant. This makes for the reputation of the group and reiterates that the group is one of the best in London, who has carried on several transplant treatments and has surgeons that have contributed to the literature of hair transplant.

3- Foster Hair And Skin Clinic

This clinic is one of the oldest in the transplant area and has provided hair transplant services to several patients across London. Even from other places, people come to have their hair transplant sessions with the clinic. The lead surgeon, Dr. Saaad, has over 20 years of experience in this field. This makes the clinic one with lots of expertise and experience concerning hair transplant and wouldn’t mess up your hair. If you are looking for a place where you can get various hair restoration services inclusive of hair transplant, this is a clinic, you may want to look out for.

The services provided by the clinic are several. These hair restoring services can serve various hair needs you may have. These include scalp micro-pigmentation, platelet plasma injection, hair transplant for your facial region, hair restoration services for women and men. This makes Fortes clinic a place where you get all that you may need concerning your hair treatment. If you want a clinic where once you book a session, you do not have to book another, this Fortes Clinic is the right place to start in London.

4- The Treatment Rooms

This clinic is spearheaded by two of the leading surgeons in the world of hair transplant. If you need a hair transplant, you can book a session with The Treatment Rooms, where their surgeons are leading experts with the FUE hair transplant method. The clinic comprises some of the best minds in the market.

The clinic has gotten several 5-star reviews from clients who have had sessions with them and enjoy the sessions they had. It can be found in Harley London, and with its reviews and customer satisfaction reputation, the clinic has become rated as the most prestigious for top hair transplant surgery.

Even though there is an increase in the rate at which the hair transplant treatment is getting clients, the surgeons at The Treatment Rooms pay keen attention to your needs to ensure that they adequately serve your needs. From your first session, you get the opportunity to have a discourse with today’s surgeons who can explain to you what you need, the procedure involved, and advise you whether or not to go ahead with it. The clinic has a special regard for the patient’s care and ensures that the patient is in s good state of mind.

5- Harley Street’s Private Clinic

This clinic has won several awards for its work in cosmetic surgery. It is one of the forerunner clinics providing top notch hair restoration services. The clinic has been in operation for several years since 1983. As a result of its built reputation, it sees nearly 15000 patients every year. This is a high number when we consider that the hair restoration treatment is not regular.

However, its reputation welcomes several clients and delivers top-notch services to serve their needs. The clinic comprises some of the best minds in the field of hair transplant. This accounts for why it has delivered several high-end services to patients who rate the clinic positively. Among some of the best minds in the clinic is Dr. Raghu Reddy, a leading expert in the hair transplant field and a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

6- Wimpole Clinic

This is also one of the best clinics to serve the needs of someone in need of a hair transplant. The clinic has been in operation since 1975 and has served several patients who rate the clinic positively. The clinic comprises some of the best minds in the market, and this accounts for why the clinic delivers one of the best services. The surgeons are vast in effective surgery methods such as the FUT and FUE technique. This makes for efficiency and allows the clinic to become a favorite for hair restriction services.

The clinic is also excellent with the provision of alternative treatments that are different from a hair transplant. This includes prescription drug and vitamin infusion to get your hair further back to an excellent condition to suit your needs. If you need a clinic in London where you can get a variety of hair restoration services, you can book a session with Wimpole Clinic, and you’re sure to have a special session.

7- Harley Hair Clinic

This clinic is famous for its impressive hair transplant results. One of the most widely known hair transplants in the world is that of Wayne Rooney. Rooney’s hairline began to recede, and he felt the need for a hair transplant. Harley Hair Clinic conducted all the sessions Rooney had in London, and the clinic has become so favored ever since. The clinic is known for its expertise in FUE hair transplants, as it has experts and world-class surgeons with a deft understanding of how the technique works and the most effective way to structure the transplant sessions.

All the processes involved in the hair transplant process are conducted by doctors who received training and have the expertise of the highest standards in the UK. These are doctors registered with GMC and CQC, making them experts of the highest order. If you want to get your hair transplant services from one of the best to do it, book a session with the Harley Hair Clinic

Final Thoughts

Getting a hair transplant is a decision people contemplate for a while. This is because of the instances where the hair transplant has gone wrong. As such, if you need to get a hair transplant, ensure you consider the reviews and the details about the clinic. If you need a hair transplant clinic in London, any of the above should serve your needs.

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