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Hair transplantHair Transplant Using the FUE Technique

Hair Transplant Using the FUE Technique

It’s almost impossible to deny the tremendous contributions of technology to the growth of many industries. For example, due to technological advancement, the cosmetics industry has taken huge strides in products, their application, and many other cosmetics procedures. As hair transplant is regarded as a cosmetics procedure, it has also had its fair share of the impact of technology.

This impact is seen in the switch from the old hair transplant technique known as the Follicular Unit Transplant to the new technique – Follicular Unit Extraction. There’s been a wide range of improvements in overall operation for the new technique due to the availability of technological instruments. This has created so much excitement for practices and patients alike.

Consequently, this article will discuss hair transplantation using the FUE technique. It’ll also touch upon the advantages of this hair transplant technique to establish why it’s a preferred option.

Hair Transplant with FUE Technique

The follicular unit extraction technique has a technological edge over other hair transplant methods. With the FUE technique, no one has to live with any form of hair loss. Instead, it revives the hair in such a way that there’s a dramatic enhancement of the hair from bald and patterned hair loss to fullness in both men and women. Through an entirely natural process, the follicular unit extraction technique redistributes healthy hairs that are taken at the sides and back of a patient’s head to areas that require more hair.

Additionally, this surgical procedure aims to improve hair density in a designated part of a patient’s head which is usually the hairline. The procedure can also be used to restore other hair areas like facial hairs and eyebrows. Although it is labor-intensive, it’s a potent technique with an all-around desirable result. That’s why it’s become the ideal choice for most hair loss patients worldwide.

Advantages of Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant Technique

The following are advantages that set the FUE technique apart from other hair transplant methods:

Quick Healing

Indeed, we can’t take out the bad reputation hair transplant had in its early days. But since the emergence of the FUE technique, the reputation of hair transplantation has grown positively. This method ensures quick healing in a matter of weeks after the hair implantation.

Consistent Result

This, out of many, is one of the reasons many people continue to choose the FUE hair transplant technique. Doctors carry out the FUE procedure the same way everywhere. Thus, the result remains the same, and the only alteration that could be between patient A and patient B is the dimension and length of growth.

Low Risk of Complications

With the robotic follicular unit extraction method, complications are drastically reduced. This means every possible human error identified with manual and other hair transplant techniques is eliminated. As such, there’s a low risk of complications during and after the when process. In addition, the follicular unit extraction technique eliminates every post-operative infection patients suffer in other transplant techniques.

No Stitches or Scars

Given the advancement in technology, the need for stitches after extraction is also eliminated. The process has become seamless and painless. Also, there are no scars around the harvest area where the hair follicles are extracted.

Similar Results

The follicular unit extraction technique ensures the hair implanted is the same as the other hair. There are no changes in color or quality. It is a precise hair restoration technique that changes nothing from old hair and the new ones that’ll grow.

Before having the Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant technique, your surgeon must check your suitability for the whole process. What makes a prospective patient suitable?

What Makes you a Suitable Candidate for FUE Technique?

Before an individual qualifies for the FUE technique, there are different factors to consider. These factors involve:

The extent of Patient’s Hair Loss

There’s a degree of hair loss which may cause a counterproductivity of the whole process. The amount of available hair around the “donor area” can significantly affect the transplant results. So, if, for instance, hair loss is severe, and there are little hairs around the “donor area,” the FUE may not bring desirable results, and such candidates might be offered other treatment options.

Health of Patient’s Scalp

Hair health is also a factor in determining candidates suitable for the FUE hair transplant technique. For example, patients with extremely tight scalp and diseases around the scalp aren’t qualified for the FUE transplant.

Patients Lifestyle

A suitable candidate for this procedure must be in good health with strong immunity and a healthy diet. All of these add to the successful completion of the FUE transplant.

While all the factors mentioned above vary from one individual to another, it’s important to get a professional opinion if you’re suitable for the FUE or not.

FUE technique Post-Operative Expectations

After the operation, the transplant is expected to heal after the third or fourth week. However, this timeline isn’t one size fits all. For some patients, the healing time might be prolonged depending on their body or the size of the transplantation.

Apart from this, the success rate for this technique while relying on modern instruments, give or take, is around 90% – 100%. That is why most people who decide to have hair transplantation choose the FUE hair transplant technique.

Do the FUE Technique Results Last?

One of the many questions that come to mind while contemplating a hair transplant is whether it’ll last. And if it will, how long would it be? The good news is hair transplantation is a permanent solution for hair loss. As a result, it lasts forever. However, you must choose the best surgeon for the procedure and avoid lifestyle habits and hairstyles that’ll expose your hair to thinning and baldness.

Take Away

Hair transplant using the follicular unit extraction technique is a unique and effective solution to hair loss. However, it is important to know your condition before choosing it, and this is where your doctor’s opinion counts. Once you’ve figured this out, everything will go well.


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