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Hair transplantTop Five Hair Transplant Clinics in Tijuana

Top Five Hair Transplant Clinics in Tijuana

Hair transplant, also known as hair graft, refers to a procedure whereby the hair is moved from one part of the head to another. This procedure is usually carried out by a plastic surgeon or a dermatological surgeon and is generally carried out under local anesthesia: this procedure, most times, is chosen by those with hair loss. Hair transplantation does not discriminate; the procedure is open to members of either gender, provided they are capable of affording it. Hair transplant is what those with hair loss due to old age, lack of necessary nutrients in the hair, a result of a medical process such as chemotherapy, hormonal imbalance make use in growing their hair back. It gives people hope; it gives those who have lost confidence in their looks that boost they needed. Hair loss may be temporary, as with chemotherapy, or it could be permanent.

Hair transplant is not a recommended procedure that everyone should undertake; for instance, men with pattern baldness, women who have thinning hair and those who have lost hair due to a burn or injury to the scalp are good candidates for the procedure. However, people whose hair loss results from a medical process such as chemotherapy, those who do not have enough sites from which to remove hair for the procedure, persons with thick scars, a product of an injury or surgery are not good candidates for the hair transplant procedure.

The transplant procedure consists of two major types: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Strip Follicular Unit Transplantation (Strip FUT). The FUE involves special punch equipment that removes single hair grafts, and this hair is then placed into minor cuts. The FUE, on the other hand, involves removing strips of hair and skin from the donor site and placing it on the chosen area of the head.

Hair transplants are generally considered a better option than relying on hair restoration products. This is because the procedure has a high success rate, and more people are carrying out the process daily and limiting their use of hair restoration products. Furthermore, with hair transplants, the hair will eventually thin out like natural hair; with development I research, it has been said that with plasma therapy, 75% or more of hair transplanted will grow back. Also, 10-80% of hair transplanted will grow back within three to four months. All these are arguments in favour of hair transplant over the hair restoration process.

Top five clinics that do hair transplants in Tijuana

Baja Hair Center

This hair transplant clinic located in Tijuana, Mexico, is a very professional clinic with one of the best experts in the field. The clinic boasts of experience concerning hair transplants. They are known for achieving phenomenal results with hair transplants. The clinic is a standard one, making use of the latest technologies to achieve top-notch results. Furthermore, the clinic prioritizes the needs of its patient, ensuring that they receive the best medical care available and that they remain comfortable for the duration of their procedure.

Hair Medical Restoration

This hair transplant clinic, also located in Tijuana, has an array of qualified medical personnel. Experts in their field are known for achieving the best results. These experts are not only knowledgeable about hair transplants, but they also keep abreast of any new development in the field. They are updated on discoveries, skills, methods that relate to a hair transplant. This translates that their patients are assured of the best possible care.

The clinic is not only known for its skill in performing hair transplants; they are also known for their hospitality from the moment you walk in for a consultation up to when you walk out with that feeling of satisfaction of a work well done.

Kaloni clinic

This particular clinic located in Tijuana is part of a chain of clinics that perform hair transplant procedures for patients from every part of the world. It provides treatment in eight different countries. This clinic is known for its world-class amenities, and they have been in the business for a long time. Possessing more than 15 years of experience and research. In addition, the clinic is known for its Kaloni Technique which it developed.

The Kaloni clinic is also a member of several hair restoration societies, including the Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (AAHRS), the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and the European Association of Hair Restoration (ESHR).

The clinic provides solutions for baldness, growth of beards, eyebrows and moustaches with good results. They employ specialized micro-devices, cause minimal pain during the procedure, and ensure that scarring is not visible. In addition, the techniques used by the Kaloni Clinic are sure to provide natural-looking results.

DHI Mexico

This clinic is located in Tijuana; it is known for its outstanding services regarding hair transplants. The clinic makes use of state-of-the-art technology to carry out several transplant procedures. The clinic also consists of professional personnel certified to perform such operations, which can adequately put the state-of-the-art technology to work to achieve great results. The clinic prides itself on its resolution to maintain the standard those in this lane of work ascribe to. Furthermore, this clinic makes hair transplants affordable with its patient-friendly costs.

TJ Hair Clinic

This clinic is known for performing FUE transplants. In addition, they are credited with performing hair transplants that look natural with the absence of scars or marks after the procedure is carried out.

The FUE hair transplant that the TJ Hair clinic specializes in is known for its reduced price, high success rate, absence of marks or scars, it has lower risk, and its result is natural to look at. This is what the TJ hair clinic offers its patient.

At TJ hair clinic, the goal is to provide their patients with the best hair transplant procedure while using the best medical devices and the latest technologies in the field. Asides from providing excellent medical care, the clinic is known for its professionalism in dealing with potential patients and putting their minds at rest. In addition, they are known for keeping the lines of communication open with their clients.


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