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Best hair transplant clinics in Turkey

Turkey is one of the best places you can have your hair transplant. The country has, over the years, gathered an immense reputation concerning hair transplant services. This is owing to the numerous excellent hair graft clinics in the country. With these clinics’ presence, the country has been able to attract a host of clients in times past.

Year in and out, so many people travel to Turkey to have their hair transplants. This has improved the rate of health tourism in the country. If you’re looking to get your hair transplant in Turkey, this guide shall provide all the things you need to know.

What Is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is one of the most effective ways of addressing your hair problems. The process uses some of the latest technologies and advanced methods to get hair back to the places where the hair is lacking on your head. During this process, the surgeon transfers hair grafts from one part of the head to the other.

Various people have had a hair transplant in past times. But when you want to have your hair transplant, there are important questions that you need to get answers to.

Many clinics make use of either FUE or the FUT technique for their procedures. While FUE refers to follicular unit extraction, FUT refers to follicular unit transplantation. These are the two methods in use, and any clinic you’d be choosing should be an expert at these two techniques. However, it is worthy of note that the FUE has become the common and preferred method.

What Makes Turkey A Preferred Centre For Hair Graft Services

There are several places where you can get your hair transplant. However, there are some places that rank high on that list. One of the places that rank high is Turkey. So many people choose Turkey as a preferred place for their hair transplant. This has also caused an increase in the number of hair graft clinics in Turkey. You might wonder why Turkey has that reputation. The reason isn’t far-fetched.

Turkey is one of the few places that have a deft mix of excellence and affordability. Getting a hair transplant in Turkey comes at a price relatively cheaper than what you’ll find in other places. Since people want to get value for their money, they often opt for a place where they can get top-notch services at a cheaper rate.

The affordable prices are because the government and the private sector have become more interested in health tourism, having seen that the sector is booming. By investing in health tourism, hair clinics get to have access to more facilities and funding. This makes it possible for clinics to offer services at affordable rates.

More so, investment in the sector causes experts to become more interested in owning clinics and joining existing ones. This strengthens the capacity of the hair graft clinics to offer excellent services. This also creates competition among the clinics to get the clients that visit the country. As a result, the competition has forced the pricing to adjust and shift to a point where it’s now cheaper than other places.

This accounts for why many choose Turkey as their preferred place. In the same vein, Turkey has some of the best minds in the field of hair transplant. In fact, some people learn from Turkey and go-ahead to set up their clinics in other places.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics In Turkey

Here are the best clinics in Turkey where you can get your hair transplant. We have reviewed these clinics to ensure that the clinics on the list offer top-class services that will serve your needs.

1- Capilclinic

Capilclinic is one of the largest hair graft clinics across the world. The clinic has several leading experts across different countries, including Turkey and Spain. Capilclinic is the best for several reasons. The clinic makes use of impressive and excellent facilities to deliver its services. More so, the clinic is one of the few places that offers solutions to extreme cases of baldness. As such, it has been able to serve the needs of clients who thought they had no hope.

The clinic also has excellent surgeons through which it offers top-notch services. Right from the point where the team picks you up till the point when your session comes to an end, the clinic assures its clients of outstanding care services. Little wonder the clinic has garnered an impressive reputation across various places.

2- Dr. Mutallip Kerser Clinic

If you are looking for a clinic that prioritizes modern facilities for its procedures, this clinic is one of the best for that. Dr. Mutallip is one of the best minds in the hair transplant field in Turkey. He has contributed to the development of leading techniques in hair transplant.

He is also internationally recognized, and he has deft expertise in offering the best services. He has also been practicing for a long period, thereby making him an expert in this field.

The clinic offers a list of comprehensive services that cover all that has to do with hair transplant and regeneration. If you want a place that offers excellent services at affordable rates, this is one of the right places in Turkey to look at.

3- Dr Serdar Gokrem Clinic

This clinic is reputable for its high regard for planning and organization. From the moment the team members pick you up to you get your hotel, have your sessions, and complete the transplant, you are assured of top-class services and facilities. The clinic has gained a reputation in the hair transplant market for its excellence and the efficiency with which it delivers its services.

Dr. Gokrem is one of the leading experts in the clinic. He has been a force in the hair transplant industry in Turkey. He has practiced for a long number of years, which speaks to his experience and expertise. He is also one of the most reputable specialists concerning the FUE technique to deliver hair transplant services. His clinic provides a wide range of services cutting across hair transplant, regeneration, and mesotherapy.

4- Dr. Tayfun Clinic

One of the many things that come to mind when you mention Dr. Tayfun in Turkey is his contribution to developing the motorized FUE technique in Turkey. He has been a major practitioner of hair transplant and regeneration for a long period. He also has deft expertise in dermatology, which is a key area to a hair transplant. As such, he is one of the most experienced and internationally recognized surgeons in Turkey.

His clinic has also been offering excellent services to several clients. The clinic has garnered impressive reviews from users, who rate the clinic high on the “efficiency” index. For all the varieties of hair treatment services, this clinic has excellent solutions to offer.

5- Ahmed Clinic

One thing to look out for before choosing the clinic for your hair transplant is how fast and efficient the clinic is. Ahmed Clinic is one of the fastest clinics. The clinic makes use of some of the latest technologies and facilities to provide its services. The clinic is reputable for offering “mega sessions,” a session where clients can get up to 2500 hair grafts transplanted in a session.

The team has several leading experts, one of which is Dr. Koray Erdogan. Erdogan is one of the most experienced and recognized experts in Turkey. He is a specialist that has trained many others and being in the field for a long period. If you want a clinic that assures you of excellence, this is a clinic you should look out for

Cost Of Hair Graft In Turkey

The hair transplant industry in Turkey is valued at over $1 billion. This has been one of the most important areas in the health sector. The cost of getting a hair transplant in Turkey is not costly. This is unlike other top places. The average cost of getting a hair transplant in Turkey ranges from $1700 to $2000. If you compare this price to any other place, you’ll realize how cheap it is. This same service in the UK goes for an average price of $25000.

The affordable pricing of hair transplant in Turkey accounts for why millions of people travel down to Turkey to get their hair transplant. So many people have had their hair transplants across the various clinics in Turkey.

Making Your Way Through Turkey

You do not have to worry about making your way through Turkey if you choose the right clinic for your procedure. This is why this guide offers you the best clinics you can get your hair transplant services from. The clinic will pick you up once you arrive in Turkey and transport you to your hotel. This way, you have nothing to worry about.

Final Thoughts

Getting the best hair graft clinics in Turkey is crucial because it saves you a lot of trouble. With the guide, you can make more informed choices concerning hair clinics in Turkey.



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