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NewsHisar Intercontinental Hospital Reviews

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Reviews

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital is widely regarded as one of the biggest private hospitals in Turkey, and it can provide patients with a broad range of medical services. The hospital was built in a closed area of 35,000 square meters. It has a 170 inpatient beds capacity in addition to 7 operating rooms that can accommodate a variety of specialty procedures like cardiovascular surgery. There are 36 beds available in the Intensive Care Unit, where patients can receive specialized post-operative or intensive care in individual rooms.

It is situated about 20 minutes from Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, 5 minutes from the Bosphorus, and at the intersection of the Asian and European continents. In Istanbul, Hisar Intercontinental Hospital is a referral hospital for patients from other countries. Its diagnostic and treatment units are of the greatest caliber, allowing it to provide the best possible care.

The medical facility contains the most cutting-edge equipment available in each subspecialty of the medical profession. At Hisar hospital, the medical staff’s goal is to offer each patient an atmosphere that is as pleasant, secure, and accommodating to their needs as possible. The Hisar Hospital Intercontinental is famous for providing exceptionally quick care in a short amount of time. It is assisted by a heliport that assists in the transfer of patients from both the United States and other countries.

Patients at Hisar hospital have access to a full range of medical care services, including those geared at pediatric and adult patients of all ages. The interdisciplinary treatment strategy facilitates the participation of specialists and clinicians from various medical subfields in the treatment process. The hospital’s medical staff members have attended some of the most prestigious medical schools in the world, giving them both extensive experience and a high level of qualification.

Technology and infrastructure

Magnetom Skyra: This is the Magnetic Resonance Imaging device that is more efficient, dependable, and user-friendly for patients and that helps fulfill the demand and make the most of 3 Tesla’s potential.

Fotona Smooth XS (XS Dinaymis-GYNO): In cosmetic gynecology, laser technology promises to deliver good results in providing women with non-surgical solutions to their various issues.

640 Cross-Section Computed Tomography (CT) scan: A cutting-edge computerized tomography system provides a diagnosis that is precise and made promptly.

Pyxis System and Pacs System: The Pyxis system is a computing technology for managing medical devices and medicines inventories.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center: Once the air pressure has been raised to a level two to three times higher than the air pressure at sea level, the treatment known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be conducted on the patient by delivering them with 100 percent oxygen.

For international patients

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital’s international office facilitates communication and coordination with patients receiving medical care while traveling from other countries. The office’s mission is to provide individualized medical attention to every patient and guest who comes through its doors.

The team ensures that patients from other countries receive the level of care, comfort, and service appropriate for a patient from another country. They are given services in their native tongue and follow their community’s cultural standards. Every overseas patient is provided with a dedicated specialist to assist and direct them throughout the process.



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