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DoctorsDr Koray Erdogan Reviews

Dr Koray Erdogan Reviews

Meet the esteemed surgeon and hair transplant expert Dr. Koray Erdogan. He was born in 1968 in Bursa-Gemlik, Turkey, and went to Bursa Anatolian High School before enrolling in the Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine to earn his medical degree. He started out as a medical assistant in the Faculty of Thoracic Surgery at Marmara University after completing his required military service. He became acutely interested in the topic of surgical hair transplantation during this time, which would eventually turn into his lifelong passion.

In 2001 in Istanbul, Dr. Erdogan established ASMED Surgical Center, a hair transplant clinic that belonged to him. He initiated his journey of learning and sharing his knowledge by participating in summits and conferences throughout Europe and the US. Gradually, he became a specialist in FUE, a hair restoration method that is increasingly becoming popular.

Dr. Erdogan’s expansive clinical expertise and research have enabled him to devise a distinct FUE system called the “Sequential Technique.” This approach involves the removal of follicular units from donor areas in sequential order, which streamlines and enhances the accuracy of the extraction procedure. By 2004, this Technique gained industry acknowledgment, with its features being discussed in symposia and global publications.

Dr. Erdogan is a renowned expert in hair transplant surgery, having not only established his Sequential Technique at his Surgical Center but also showcased and validated it at multiple international summits and workshops held in countries like India, Malaysia, Italy, and Spain. His comprehensive knowledge and experience have earned him an esteemed reputation as an authority in the field, making him a highly sought-after conference speaker.

Alongside other prominent hair transplant surgeons, including Dr. Ron Shapiro, Dr. Bijan Feriduni, Dr. Jerry Wong, Dr. Jose Lorenzo, and Dr. Hussain Rahal, Dr. Erdogan was also a co-founder of World FUE Institute in 2016. As Vice President of the organization, he aimed to promote and extend the FUE hair transplant procedure worldwide. In 2018, Dr. Erdogan was elected President of the Institute, further consolidating his status as a pioneering thinker in the industry.

Along with six other doctors who are experts in their fields, Dr. Erdogan conducts FUE hair transplants solely at ASMED Surgical Center. Patients desiring FUE hair transplants travel from all over the world to visit his facility. Dr. Erdogan has received excellent accolades from both his clients and coworkers for his individualized approach to patient treatment and dedication to detail.

The world has recognized Dr. Erdogan’s accomplishments in the discipline of surgical hair transplantation, and the Sequential Technique has completely changed how FUE hair transplants are carried out. The respect and appreciation of his peers is a result of his commitment to using research and education to advance the field of FUE surgical hair transplantation.

The discipline has benefited greatly from the work of Dr. Koray Erdogan, a renowned hair transplant surgeon. He formed World FUE Institute, created a distinctive FUE procedure, and as a result, has gained a reputation as a pioneering expert in the field on a global scale. Patients needing FUE hair transplants frequently travel to his facility, the ASMED Surgical Centre.



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