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ClinicsLokman Hekim Istanbul Hospital Reviews

Lokman Hekim Istanbul Hospital Reviews

The International Patient Department at Lokman Hekim Hospitals was founded to deliver outstanding service to patients from other countries while guaranteeing that they can communicate in a timely and efficient manner. This service offered by Lokman Hekim provides international patients and their families with the greatest level of treatment along with a single point of access, service, and coordination for all of their needs.

To provide quality medical care, the facility has made trust, respect, and satisfaction of patients its core values. The highly educated workforce, impeccable punctuality, emphasis on professionalism, excellent teamwork, continual alertness, and attention to detail set them apart from the competition.

Lokman Hekim Istanbul Hospital

The Lokman Hekim Health Group has firmly established itself in the domestic market and on the global stage. Both its investment and health services industries have shown an increased level of interest due to its accomplishments. It continued to grow its investments, operations, and services and is committed to achieving excellence nationally and internationally.

By establishing the Erbil Diagnostic Centre in 2013, he allowed people to receive medical treatment in locations other than Iraq. It has also made major achievements in the health tourism sector by opening representative offices in Bosnia and the Netherlands.

In 2016, Lokman Hekim Health Group made yet another significant investment by incorporating Akay Hospital, among the hospitals with the longest history in Ankara. In the same year, the Lokman Hekim Demet Medical Center opened its doors to patients and has since become known as the “healing gate” of Ankara.

With the addition of Lokman Hekim Akay Hospital and Lokman Hekim Demet Medical Centre in 2016, the group now boasts more beds and employees than any other healthcare provider in Ankara, earning it the title of “Largest Healthcare Group” in the city.

As of the first of the year 2020, the Lokman Hekim Ankara Hospital, which was established in 2008, is now known as the “Lokman Hekim University Ankara Hospital” and has expanded its services to include academic programs in addition to medical care. The provision of medical services is one area in which Lokman Hekim University continues to make a positive impact, largely thanks to the quality of the teaching faculty it employs.

The entirely revamped appearance of Lokman Hekim Etlik Hospital, the first major hospital established by the Lokman Hekim Health Group and opened its doors in 2002, is due to the neighboring new building’s proximity to the hospital. In 2021, the “Lokman Hekim University Soütozü Dental Hospital” was established by the Lokman Hekim Health Group to provide the widest range of treatment options possible in oral and dental health.

Since the day it was established, Lokman Hekim Health Group has made it a priority to offer services that are not only of high quality but also competitively priced and easily accessible. He increased the number of “Healing Doors” he had by adding one more. The Lokman Hekim Health Group continues to follow the principles upon which it was founded by ensuring that its services to patients are inexpensive, high-quality, and satisfactory.

It serves as a beacon of hope and healing for patients worldwide, both domestically and internationally. It is making consistent strides toward its goal of being a healing door for our nation and the rest of the world, thanks to its hospitals and talented employees who continually educate themselves and improve their abilities.



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