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The Most Flattering Long Haircuts for Men

You’ll agree that some people believe long hair is feminine. As amusing as it may be, every person has the liberty to believe whatever they want. But the truth remains that some beliefs aren’t informed; hence they need to be corrected. Long hair is human, and you can decide to have it whether you’re a man or a woman.

A thick flowing hair symbolizes virility and strength, evidence of which is found in ancient Greek culture. But instead of going through history, it’s undeniable that long hair is so attractive to men, especially if they rock flattering haircuts with it. So if you’re naturally blessed with long hair, or you’re interested in growing out yours, and you’re thinking about what haircuts you can rock, you’ll find out here.

This article explores some of the most flattering long haircuts for men. You can either choose from these haircuts or recreate the cut you saw on your favorite celebrity. But before you do that, there are certain things to consider when getting a long haircut.

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Long Haircut

As you already know that long hair on men is still met with grave misconception; you don’t want to get it wrong. That’s why you must consider the following factors before getting yours:

1. Face shape

The truth is that everyone can have any haircut, no matter the length of their hair. However, certain haircuts are suitable for some face shapes, while others aren’t. So the key to getting it right is choosing haircuts that suit your face shape.

If your face shape isn’t square, it’ll be round, oval, heart, diamond, or oblong. A way to hack this is first to determine your face shape, and when you have, you can search for haircuts that are perfect for the shape. Alternatively, you can search for celebrities with your face shape and model your haircut like theirs.

2. Hair Texture

All haircuts may not suit your hair texture. That’s a fact you have to make peace with no matter how perfect they may appear for your face shape. If your stylist is reluctant to give the haircut, don’t force their hand because they don’t want to be blamed if it turns out bad.

So whether your hair texture is curly, straight, wavy, or loose, you have to pick haircuts befitting your hair texture. This way, your haircut will be in sync with your hair texture and your face shape.

3. Lifestyle

You also have to factor in your lifestyle before choosing a haircut. For example, celebrities are at liberty to have any cut because their profession allows it. But if you’re a corporate person, you have to be sure your haircut is suitable for the corporate space.

Similarly, nobody wants to see your hair flowing across your face and above your meal if you’re a chef. While this goes beyond being a corporate person or a chef, the fact remains that your lifestyle would determine the haircut you’ll have.

While you consider all these points mentioned above, below are some of the most flattering long haircuts for men.

The Most Flattering Long Haircuts for Men

Men can have a go at any of the following haircuts for their long hair:

1. Slick back

A slick back is your surest pick if you want a perfect haircut, regardless of your lifestyle or profession. Rocking it is a way to make people accept that you’re all about your looks and more. It’s a sharp and outstanding choice for men with long hair.

It’s flexible and can be styled differently. So if you want it, instead of conjuring a particular idea, you can have a classic slick back, side-parted slick back, curly quiff slick back, pompadour slick back, slick back with an undercut, and so on. You only have to visit your stylist if you want to alter this look. It fits any occasion, whether formal or casual.

2. Ponytail

Ponytail is a sure pick for most men with long hair, and that’s due to how simple it is. But unfortunately, most men aren’t aware that you can decide to switch up your ponytail with different styles. For example, you can have the tail braided or dreaded, and you can have an undercut with it, a low ponytail, a classic ponytail, a ponytail with a man bun, a textured ponytail, etc.

It might be difficult for you to style it yourself, especially if you’re switching it up, so you should request your stylist’s services here. But it’s low maintenance and also fits any occasion you want to wear it.

3. Man Bun

Man bun haircut for men with long hair is a classic. It’s a slight variant of a ponytail, but the difference is visible enough. A man bun is a modern haircut worn down to the back of the head. It’s a good way to manage your long hair while still improving your look stylishly.

To do it, you must secure your hair with a coil that holds the hair in a bun at the back of the head. It’s versatile for any occasion and reveals the best features of a man’s face. Of course, the length of your hair always determines how big the bun is, but it’s more charming to keep the bun in a medium size.

4. Textured Waves

Textured waves are undeniably one of the most simple yet luxurious haircuts for men. Jason Momoa is a perfect celebrity for this look. But the good thing is you don’t have to be a celebrity to recreate it. All you need is just your long hair and a good stylist.

Your stylist has to do a wonderful job fitting the volume, layers, and textures together in perfect harmony. It’s the hairstyle that gets women tripping, so it has to be perfect if you’re wearing it. Once your stylist lays the foundation, you can follow it with recommended shampoo to keep the shape intact. It’s easily maintained, but you may spend more time in front of the mirror.

Final Thoughts

The haircuts mentioned above aren’t only the most flattering cuts for men with long hair; they are also the most wanted. So when you choose any, you’ll be confident in your appearance and that you’re in the company of other men with similar styles.


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