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NewsMaintaining the Density of Curly Hair - Important Things to Note

Maintaining the Density of Curly Hair – Important Things to Note

Carrying highly dense curly hair is one of the most desirable things among several people, especially hair enthusiasts. However, this hair type isn’t a bed of roses as it appears to be because it carries some thorns with it. In specific terms, this hair type is very prone to entanglement, which annoys those who naturally have it.

By some of their reviews, they sometimes envy people that have straight hair types because of how easy it is to maintain. What’s worse is that the hair is susceptible to breakage because it’s difficult to detangle. These are some of the downsides of keeping curly hair.

People who naturally have it never want to lose it despite all these. Hence, the challenge for them is how to treat the hair so it becomes easy to maintain and improve its quality. So, if you’re on this page to get information on maintaining the density of curly hair, you’re at the best place. Firstly, this article will discuss why hair density matters, especially how it affects curly hairs. After this, it’ll then highlight some of the ways of maintaining the density of curly hair.

Does Hair Density Matter?

Irrespective of the hair type you carry, hair density matters so much because it helps you determine two primary things. Firstly, hair density helps you determine the hairstyle that’ll fit your hair volume. Knowing what to do and the styles to avoid are crucial aspects of hair-keeping. And the best way to make this an easy decision is to identify and understand what your hair density allows.

Secondly, it helps you determine the hair care products to boost your density and improve hair health. For example, certain hair care products are more suitable for people with low density than medium or high density. In a similar vein, there are other products specifically made for people with high hair density and also for medium hair density.

If, for instance, you have a low hair density and choose products with heavy oil components, these oils can further flatten your hair, making it look thinner than it is. The idea is that you must use hair care products suitable for the volume of your hair. So to answer the question, “does hair density matter?” Yes! It does. It matters for every hair type.

As far as curly hair is concerned, it needs volume and compactness, features that signal high density, to look its best. It’ll be almost impossible for curly hair to be one of the most desirable hair types today without these features. However, when you have this thickness and volume, your curly hair may be difficult to manage and, as we’ve said, prone to breakage. So how do you manage it?

How to Maintain the Density of Curly Hair

curly hair density

The following are effective ways to maintain the bounce, gloss, and volume of a curly hair without exposure to breakage:

1. Use High-Quality Shampoo

Another common thing about curly hair is that they are often dryer than other hair types. The reason is that the natural hair produced by the scalp struggles to get up to the upper end of the strand because of the strand’s curls and kinks. For this reason, the hair gets easily entangled and is hard to brush, part, or style.

However, using a high-quality shampoo that carries nourishing ingredients with weightless oils can eliminate dryness prone to curly hair. In addition, it’ll soften the hair such that it becomes soft and easily manageable. Another add-on is that this shampoo will improve the hair’s shine and density.

2. Tender Treatment For Curly Hair

While washing the hair with shampoo, ensure you observe gentle treatment because the hair is very delicate. Any rough handling can affect the density and lead to breakage. So instead of using a sponge to wash the hair, you can also use your hand, especially the tip of your finger, which you’ll run across the hair slowly from top to bottom.

This tender treatment doesn’t only stop at washing; it also extends to the kind of haircuts you choose and the heat tools you use. It would help if you avoided intense hairstyles that tightly pull your strands back and reduce the usage of heat tools. If you must use them, wear a heat protectant.

3. Integrate Essential Oils

Another effective way to maintain the density of your curly hair is the integration of essential oils in your hair care routines. If you didn’t know, many of these oils are filled with hair growth ingredients that permeate the scalp and go down into the hair to trigger growth cells for optimal performance. These oils also keep the hair moisturized and protect the scalp from dryness.

Some of the most preferred essential oils include olive oil, argan oil, cedarwood oil, and coconut oil, to mention a few. You can follow the recommendation of your hairstylist to determine which oil will be most suitable for your hair density. You don’t want to ruin your hair while trying to enhance it, so follow professional advice.

4. Brush You Curly Hair Regularly Instead of Frequently

As much as there’s a myth that brushing can be excessive, we want you to know that it’s never excessive if it’s properly done. If you brush your curls regularly, you can keep them detangled for longer. And anytime you’re at it, ensure you do it gently to avoid breaking entangled and weak strands.

For this purpose, you’ll need a good brush that won’t snag at your hair while using it. Hair stylists advise choosing bristled brushes because they are highly effective for all hair types. You need to avoid metal or plastic brushes because they may cause so much hair breakage.

Final Words

Maintaining a highly dense curly hair can be tricky, but if you follow our expert recommendation as highlighted in this post, you can maintain yours without hassle. To get a holistic result, you should combine all of the tips. Your curls are beautiful, but we are confident they can even get better with these tips.




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