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DoctorsDr. Mark Tam Reviews

Dr. Mark Tam Reviews

Dr. Mark Tam works as a board-approved specialist in reconstructive hair loss surgery with years of training and expertise. He graduated from Southampton Medical College with a Bachelor of Medicine, and the American Boards of Hair Regeneration Surgery has certified him as a Diplomate. Additionally, Dr. Tam belongs to the prestigious hair restoration surgery associations BAHRS, ISHRS, and BCAM.

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FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

To restore hair growth, Dr. Tam’s highly skilled team of hair transplant specialists uses the most cutting-edge FUE method. With the aid of a specialized extraction tool with a diameter of less than 1mm, the team delicately removes isolated follicular units around the sides of the scalp or the back of the neck. Using a strong stereo microscope, these hair follicles are then implanted into the recipient region of the scalp. In order to replicate the old hair’s growth process, Dr. Tam’s staff takes careful consideration to implant the follicles at the proper angle.

What is FUE?

One of the two current hair transplant methods is called Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE. To get the best results from FUE, a non-invasive hair restoration method, skill and accuracy are required. FUE involves the creative restoration of individual follicular units to the desired region in order to stimulate hair growth. Due to the fact that the entire surgery is done under local anesthetic, this approach leaves no visible scars and is completely painless. Compared to other hair transplantation techniques now on the market, the healing time is significantly shorter.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant

The following are some advantages of the hair transplant using the FUE procedure:

  • Natural hair growth has long-lasting effects.
  • Scar-free and without any discomfort
  • rapid restoration
  • Regrowth rate of at least 95%

Awards and Recognition

Dr. Tam has served in several decent clinics in London, United Kingdom, and overseas, where he constantly refines his procedures. His devotion to his skill has merited him multiple awards and distinction, including the Phideas, Hair Restoration Leaders, Top 100 Doctors, London City Hair Transplant Surgeon, and Top Rated awards.

Training and Lecturing

At the University of Lyon’s Hair Transplantation Surgery Diploma course, Dr. Tam gave a guest lecture and imparted his knowledge and experience to aspiring medical professionals. Further displaying his dedication to developing the practice of hair transplantation surgery, he has also educated other surgeons in hair transplant techniques.

High-Density Hair Transplants

Dr. Tam has experience performing general hair transplantation surgery, including transplants into scars, body hair, and facial hair. However, his current attention is on his area of expertise: high-density hair transplantation to the hairline and temples. He is committed to providing the best outcomes for his patients in this field.


Dr. Tam is a superb option for anyone thinking about hair restoration surgery due to his considerable training, experience, and commitment to his profession. His practice offers a free initial consultation during which a patient’s medical condition will be carefully evaluated to find the optimal treatment option.

Website: https://www.drmarktam.co.uk/


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