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NewsMetropolmed Clinic Reviews

Metropolmed Clinic Reviews

In the industry of medical tourism, both in the United States and internationally, the mission of the Metropolmed organization is to deliver reliable service to patients and clients. Metropolmed is a reputable medical tourism business that promotes activities centered on patient happiness in Turkey’s top hospitals. The agency has received approval from both the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Turkish Ministry of Health.

In the field of international medical tourism, Metropolmed is known for providing treatments of an unparalleled level of quality. The Metropolmed brand has high aspirations of retaining its status as the industry leader in terms of patient satisfaction by enlisting the assistance of other healthcare organizations that share their dedication to achieving the highest possible standards in terms of both quality and technology.

In this particular field, Metropolmed is exerting a lot of effort and making progress with the assistance of its most accomplished colleagues. The contracted hospitals not only provide exceptional medical care, but they are also the locations of exceptionally talented academics.


Hair Transplant

Every year, Turkey serves as the destination of choice for people seeking hair transplants. They will be there for you from the minute you book an appointment till the time you say your farewells, guaranteeing that your hair transplant will produce the best possible outcomes. The highly trained medical team and cutting-edge equipment are what make this possible.

Beard Transplant

Uneven facial hair growth can be caused by several different circumstances. Beard transplanting is a realistic technique that can be considered to deal with the thinning of facial hair that will inevitably occur as a consequence of this. The result is an enhancement of the areas of the individual’s face where their beard is sparse. This technique can also be utilized effectively when beginning a beard from scratch.

Eyebrow Replacement Surgery

In social relationships, facial expressions are of the utmost importance. It gives us the motivation to communicate more explicitly. At this moment, the eyebrows are really important. Because of this, many people find it upsetting when their eyebrow hair falls off. The good news is that surgical reconstruction of the eyebrows can resolve this problem once and for all. Through the use of specialized techniques, this procedure encourages the quick and natural development of hair in the brow region.

Unshaved Hair Transplant

This method, which is among the newest techniques for hair restoration, has been used effectively to transplant hair that was longer than 15 cm (or 6 inches). Because of the favorable results of this treatment, an increasing percentage of women are choosing to go without shaving their heads to undergo hair transplantation.

Painless Hair Transplant

With the help of local anesthesia, hair transplants can be performed without causing any discomfort to the patient.

Hair Restoration Using ICE FUE Technology

Ice FUE is a technique for transplanting hair that is becoming increasingly popular. The purpose of this procedure is to produce longer-lasting results by conserving the donor follicles for use in subsequent transplants. As its name suggests, FUE requires the donor hair follicles to be preserved at a cold temperature in a specific solution to prolong their viability before transplantation.



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