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NewsDoes The Moon Influence Hair Growth?

Does The Moon Influence Hair Growth?

The notion that the moon might have a role in influencing hair growth has been the subject of curiosity and folklore for quite some time. However, when scrutinized from a scientific perspective, there is no concrete evidence to support the idea that lunar phases have a direct impact on hair growth. Hair growth is predominantly regulated by genetic factors, hormones, and overall health, rather than the waxing and waning of the moon. 

While various cultures have held beliefs linking lunar cycles to hair growth, and some individuals even claim anecdotal experiences, these claims lack empirical backing. Scientific studies have not established any causal relationship between the moon’s phases and the rate of hair growth. 

In essence, while the moon continues to inspire wonder and mystery in many aspects of human life, its influence on the growth of our locks appears to remain firmly in the realm of myth and legend, rather than scientific fact. 

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How Does The Moon Affect Your Hair? 

Have you ever pondered the enigmatic connection between the moon and your hair? Delve with us into this captivating relationship, where the 28-day lunar cycle unveils its profound influence on hair growth. 

The New Moon: The lunar cycle commences with the new moon, akin to sowing the seeds of potential. Picture this as the moment you plant a tiny seed in rich, fertile soil. At this juncture, the promise of growth is just beginning to stir. 

Waxing Moon: As the moon waxes, it mirrors the growth of that tiny seed as it sprouts and extends its leaves. Similarly, your hair embarks on its growth phase known as anagen. This phase, spanning several years, plays a pivotal role in your hair’s journey, contributing significantly to its length.


Full Moon: When the full moon graces the night sky, it symbolizes the pinnacle of growth. The seed has evolved into a thriving plant, akin to your hair reaching its zenith during the anagen phase. This is when your hair is at its most vibrant and lustrous. 

Waning Moon: As the moon wanes and the lunar cycle progresses, growth gradually decelerates. This mirrors the catagen phase of your hair’s growth, where it comes to a standstill. Just as the plant begins to wither, your hair’s growth subsides. 

New Moon Again: Finally, the moon returns to its new phase, and the cycle begins anew. This perpetual ebb and flow ensures continuous growth, mirroring the cyclical nature of your hair’s journey. 

Hair Growth Phases 

Now, let’s delve deeper into your hair’s intricate growth phases. It’s not just about length; it’s about a complex journey of renewal and transformation. 

Anagen: The Growth Phase Unveiled 

Anagen is the phase where your hair experiences its most remarkable growth. This is the time when the tiny seed of potential grows into a robust plant. In the context of your hair, it can last several years, contributing significantly to the length and strength of your tresses. 

Catagen: Transition and Slowing Down 

In the catagen phase, your hair undergoes a significant transition. Growth gradually decelerates, much like the waning moon. It’s a phase of transformation and preparation for the next cycle, as your hair readies itself for renewal. 

Telogen: The Shedding Phase 

Finally, your hair enters the telogen phase. This is when the shedding process commences, akin to the moon approaching its new phase, ready to begin a fresh cycle. During telogen, old hairs are shed to make way for new growth, ensuring your hair remains vibrant and healthy. 

Considering the intricate parallels between the lunar cycle and your hair’s growth phases, it’s not unreasonable to suspect a deeper connection. By attentively observing the moon’s ebb and flow, you may uncover the ideal times each month for hair-related changes and care. It appears that the moon’s influence on our lives extends even to our tresses, adding a touch of celestial wonder to our daily routines. 

How The Moon Can Benefit Your Hair 

New Moon: The Moisture Surge 

Understanding the moon’s effect on your hair can unleash its full potential. When the new moon graces the night sky, your hair becomes a reservoir of moisture. This period is when your hair is in its prime, feeling healthiest, and radiating vitality. Well-moisturized hair tends to be softer and more resilient, ready to brave any environmental challenges. Hence, new moons provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with fresh hairstyles. You can play with colors, add highlights, apply a bit more heat, or even indulge in extensions – your hair can handle it all! 

Full Moon: The Pruning Phase 

On the flip side, if you’re contemplating a significant hair transformation like a drastic cut or a trim, it’s advisable to wait until approximately 14 days into the lunar cycle, near the full moon. Just as full moons mark the ideal time for trimming and gathering crops from your garden, they also present a prime window for managing your locks. Full moons are all about letting go, cleansing, and purifying. Consider how your hair accumulates everything – using a full moon as an occasion to bid farewell to those split ends starts to make perfect sense. Just as in life, releasing what no longer serves you, in this case, those damaged ends, promotes healthier and more robust hair growth. 

Choosing the Perfect Time for Your Hair Transformation 

Apart from the moon’s cycle, it’s essential to observe the moon’s interactions with the stars. Take, for instance, the intriguing combination of a new moon with Venus, the guardian of elegance and allure. This celestial duo might inspire you to embrace a flirtatious style, tailor-made to captivate a potential romantic partner. Conversely, when a full moon teams up with Uranus, the advocate of individuality, you may lean toward a bolder, more daring look. 

The Power of Personal Alignment 

When a new moon or a full moon graces your sun sign, moon sign, Venus sign, or rising sign, any hair transformations you undertake gain extra significance. In fact, they could herald the dawn of an entirely new chapter in your life!


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