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DoctorsDr. Özlem Biçer Reviews

Dr. Özlem Biçer Reviews

In the bustling city of İstanbul, back in 1973, emerged the beginnings of Dr. Ozlem Bicer’s life journey. Her educational path commenced in 1991 with a degree from Anakent College, followed by her pursuit of a medical career. In 1998, she proudly graduated from Trakya University’s Faculty of Medicine. Yet, her thirst for knowledge remained unquenched. 

Guided by an unwavering commitment to excellence, Dr. Ozlem Bicer embarked on a sanctioned educational venture in hair surgery, authorized by the Health Ministry of the Turkish Republic. This endeavor bore fruit as she secured a hair surgery license from the Ministry. Furthermore, her quest for expertise led her to France in 2002, where she delved into subjects like Hair Loss Treatments, Mesotherapy, and Aesthetics. 

For an impressive span of over 25 years, Dr. Ozlem Bicer has mastered the art of hair transplant surgery, proficiently executing both FUE and FUT procedures within İstanbul. Her skills evolved between 1999 and 2002, as she honed her craft in Aesthetic and Hair Surgery across diverse private clinics in the city. Since 2002, her devoted efforts have centered around delivering exceptional hair transplants at her authorized and certified clinic. 

Beyond the confines of her clinic, Dr. Ozlem Bicer’s influence radiates globally. As a revered figure in her field, she actively engages in international conferences. Her expertise spans topics such as FUT and FUE Micromotor Techniques, Unshaven Long Hair FUE, Hair Loss Treatments, Regenerative Medicine, and Dermatopathology of the Scalp. Dr. Ozlem Bicer assumes roles as a speaker, educator, and integral member of hair restoration societies. 

Diversifying her offerings, Dr. Ozlem Bicer extends beyond hair transplants. She presents an array of tailored solutions for hair loss, encompassing PRP, Mesotherapy, Stem Cell Therapy, and Regenerative Medicine. 

Dr. Ozlem Bicer treads beyond the conventional. Her deliberate practice involves performing just one hair transplant each day, prioritizing individualized patient care. This ethical stance sets a shining example for aspiring professionals. Dr. Ozlem Bicer’s extensive experience spans diverse aspects, including communication, clinical proficiency, and surgical fundamentals. 

Thriving in multidisciplinary teamwork, Dr. Ozlem Bicer readily takes on proactive roles as situations demand. Her approach is solution-oriented, disciplined, and driven, yielding benefits for both patients and society at large. A fervent advocate for research and learning, she constantly updates her knowledge and motivates her team towards shared objectives. 

Throughout her 25 years of medical practice, Dr. Ozlem Bicer’s unwavering focus remains on her patients. Dr. Ozlem Bicer values colleagues and society, considering them essential aspects of her journey. 

Why Opt for Dr. Ozlem Bicer 

Expertise at the Core: Dr. Ozlem Bicer boasts one of the world’s most experienced hair transplant teams. With 22 years of practice and affiliation with ISHRS, she leads a highly-trained team. 

Distinctive Clinic Approach: In a departure from common practices, Dr. Ozlem Bicer firmly believes that licensed doctors should perform hair transplants. Her clinic stands out as one of the few authorized hair transplant centers in Turkey. 

Personalized Care: Dr. Ozlem Bicer’s clinic uniquely dedicates each day to a single patient. This approach guarantees unwavering attention from Dr. Ozlem Bicer and her seasoned team, ensuring superior service and outcomes.


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