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DoctorsDr. Prima Tossaborvorn Reviews

Dr. Prima Tossaborvorn Reviews

Driven by a passion to offer affordable treatment for hair loss using the most advanced technique and technologies, Dr. Prima, a ABHRS–certified physician with extensive experience in hair transplantation, established HAIRSMITH CLINIC. 

With the belief that everyone with hair loss should have access to affordable and quality treatment carried out by a physician abiding by the Code of Ethics of ABHRS and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), Dr. Prima conducts a free consultation and makes treatment recommendations tailored to each individual. At HAIRSMITH CLINIC, time is dedicated to discussing each recommendation, ensuring that patients can make decisions they are comfortable with as they embark on their journey toward hair restoration. 

Why Choose HAIRSMITH? The Specialists You Need 

Specialist Expertise: Dr. Prima Tossaborvorn 

Professional experience is essential, and Dr. Prima Tossaborvorn, an ABHRS-certified hair transplant specialist, boasts a 100% success rate in treating over 3,000 patients. The expertise and skill Dr. Prima brings to HAIRSMITH CLINIC are unmatched, instilling confidence in every patient. 

Professional Treatment: Your Assurance 

At HAIRSMITH CLINIC, consultations and transplant procedures are exclusively conducted by the board-certified physician. This commitment to professionalism ensures that patients receive the highest level of care and precision, distinguishing them from other clinics that may delegate procedures to technicians. 

Safe & Proven Techniques: The HAIRSMITH Advantage 

HAIRSMITH CLINIC diligently prioritizes the safety and efficacy of all technologies and techniques employed. To minimize hair follicle damage during operations, they utilize the Implanter Pen, a superior alternative to traditional forceps. This innovative tool produces excellent results, making a transformative impact on patients’ lives. 

The Special Hybrid Punch: Elevating Graft Excisions 

HAIRSMITH CLINIC chooses only the best for its patients. When performing graft excisions with the FUE technique, they employ the Hybrid Trumpet punch from the esteemed WAW FUE SYSTEM, designed by Dr. Jean Devroye, a highly acclaimed punch worldwide. Dr. Prima’s exceptional skills ensure a transection rate of less than 3%, rivaling the performance of ARTAS robots. 

Higher Growth Rate: Embracing Innovation 

HypoThermosol, the market’s top solution for storing hair follicles, is exclusively offered by elite clinics and esteemed doctors in Thailand. HAIRSMITH CLINIC is among the select few that invest in this exceptional solution for the benefit of patients. Studies have shown that HypoThermosol significantly improves graft survival rates by up to 44% compared to conventional storage methods, making it the best available solution. Their dedication to providing the best treatment drives us to spare no expense. 

Gain Without Pain: Your Comfort Matters 

While the saying “no pain, no gain” may prevail, HAIRSMITH CLINIC focuses on techniques that prevent swelling and inflammation associated with hair transplantation. Their procedures are designed to deliver pain-free experiences, allowing patients to resume their daily routines, including work, the day after treatment. Enjoy the benefits of regrown hair without discomfort. 

Expert Guidance from Start to Finish 

Scalp disorders can contribute to hair loss, making it crucial to identify the root causes before undergoing a hair transplant operation. At HAIRSMITH CLINIC, the physician holds a master’s degree in clinical dermatology from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. Rest assured that their comprehensive assessment will determine the exact cause of your hair loss or thinning, enabling them to recommend the best-tailored treatment for you.


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