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NewsHow many PRP treatment sessions are needed to see results?

How many PRP treatment sessions are needed to see results?

Regenerating the hair lost to thinning and pattern baldness is never an easy task. It requires potent treatment that restores the hair and also adds years of youthfulness back to the individual. However, unlike in the past when there were few and mostly ineffective solutions for hair loss, there are now different effective treatments to consider.

One of the many treatments that have gained wide recognition since its discovery is platelet-rich plasma therapy. This treatment is backed by research and successful trials as a potent hair restoration treatment. So if you’ve heard of it and want to try it out, you’re certainly making a good decision.

However, a notable concern amongst people hoping to have the treatment is the number of sessions they’ll need to take before they start to see anticipated results. While there are contrasting opinions on this, this page will give you the most authentic information on it and many other things you need to know about PRP therapy.

On PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a cosmetic procedure used for regenerative purposes in several body parts, including the skin, muscles, tendons, joints, and hair. Although it used to be popular for treating athletes with injuries, the pendulum has been switched to hair restoration treatment. And unsurprisingly, it has continued to prove to be a vast and highly effective treatment.

More people are using it to treat their hair loss, while others are combining it with other hair restoration treatments to get a full result. The treatment is applied through injection from the scalp so that the potion of the PRP goes down into the hair follicles to stimulate the much-needed growth. It’s been tried by many people, and they have attested to its effectiveness.

The treatment is based on maximizing the natural healing traits inherent in our blood cells. These cells have regenerative and rejuvenating attributes that take effect a few months after being injected in a spot requiring regeneration. What’s more, the results it gives are so natural that it’ll be difficult to identify if there was an issue before.

How is PRP Prepared?

Platelet-rich plasma is prepared in three easy steps, which include collection, processing, and injection

1. Collection

This step entails the collection of material to create the PRP potion that’s injected into the required spot. As you’re aware, the primary material for PRP is blood collected from the patient and nobody else. The reason for this isn’t difficult to grasp; using another person’s blood may expose the patient to allergies and other infections that may cause different complications. So to avoid that, the patient’s blood is collected.

2. Processing

This step is the most important of all the steps in which PRP is prepared. After collection, the blood is taken to a lab for processing because without processing; the blood is almost useless to this particular cause. At the lab, the blood is placed in a centrifuge where it’s spun for a predetermined period (10 minutes) to separate and extract the valuable components within the blood, which is collected in a syringe.

3. Injection

After the processed blood is collected in a syringe, it’s prepared for injection at the needed spot. In the case of hair loss, it’s carefully injected into the balding area of the scalp so that it can spread underneath the follicles to stimulate hair growth all over the area.

While some people still contend the effectiveness of this treatment due to the lack of research findings that supports it, there are successful trials from different people from all over the world.

How Many Sessions Do PRP Patients Need Before they Begin to See Results?

PRP treatment isn’t one of those treatments that are haphazardly done. Instead, it’s a systematic hair regenerative procedure requiring laid down processes followed to the last detail. Hence, it’s done by skilled specialists who follow each step in multiple sessions.

Determining the number of sessions PRP patients need isn’t difficult because the standard number of sessions for PRP treatment is three. However, this number can vary per patient because the extent of hair loss varies. And the more critical the patient’s condition is, the more sessions are required for the procedure. Conversely, the milder the condition, the lesser the sessions required.

Additionally, these sessions are followed by other injections 4 months after the initial three sessions to ensure the treatment achieves the predetermined results that meet patients’ expectations. If these sessions are completed, the patient can expect results between the third and sixth months after the injections. Of course, viable results can come earlier, but that depends on the strength of your blood cells within the PRP treatment.

How To Enhance PRP Treatment Results

PRP Treatments results

While this might be surprising, the reality is that you can naturally enhance the results of PRP treatment. It’s common knowledge among several people, and you can do it through the following:

1. Participating in Cardiovascular Exercises

Exercises like running, swimming, cycling, jogging, and brisk walking, among several others, are good for PRP patients because they help increase blood cell production, enhancing the treatment’s effect. Apart from that, these exercises are good for overall health and wellness, so when you engage them, you’ll be killing two birds with a stone.

2. Improve Your Diet

You can also enhance the results of your PRP treatment by improving your diet with meals containing a decent concentration of hair growth nutrients. Some nutrients to look out for include biotin, keratin, protein, and vitamins.

3. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Understandably, these are lifestyle choices. But if you’re all about your hair growth using PRP treatment, you need to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption because they counteract the effect of this treatment.


Ignore the speculations and perspectives contending on the efficacy of PRP treatment because many clinics offer the services with proven results that satisfies patients. However, before going into the treatment, ensure you undergo a hair analysis conducted by your chosen specialist to determine the number of sessions your condition will need to see visible results.


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