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DoctorsDr. Raymond Konior Reviews

Dr. Raymond Konior Reviews

Meet Dr. Raymond Konior, a standout medical expert from Chicago who has garnered national recognition. With certifications in hair restoration surgery and facial plastic surgery, his unique combination of expertise and training sets him apart. This rare background equips him to provide exceptional cosmetic results to his patients seeking hair restoration. His specialty lies in an advanced technique named “Ultra-Refined Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation,” consistently producing impressively dense and naturally appealing outcomes. 

For over thirty years, Dr. Konior has skillfully performed hair restoration surgeries for both male and female patients. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated remarkable proficiency and achieved impressive results. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in the establishment of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, contributing significantly to the design of the entry exam for aspiring members. 

Dr. Konior boasts an impressive array of qualifications that perfectly suit his role as a hair restoration surgeon. Being one of the founding members of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery places him among the pioneers in this specialized field. Moreover, his membership in the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery further validates his expertise in the domain. 

During his tenure as a surgical professor at Loyola University Medical Center, Dr. Konior actively contributed to the world of academia. His role as a Clinical Professor highlighted his unwavering commitment to advancing the knowledge and practice of hair restoration surgery. Presently, he remains dedicated to sharing his insights and expertise, thereby contributing to the continuous evolution of this dynamic medical sector. 

Why Choose Dr. Raymond Konior? 

Patients Speak for Themselves 

Dr. Konior’s appointment diary is primarily filled by those referred by delighted former patients, often friends or family. Additional patients come from medical peers and hair care professionals. This demand is a testament to his sterling reputation, with consultations and surgeries booked months ahead. 

Decades of Proficiency 

Since 1988, Dr. Konior has carried out thousands of hair transplant surgeries. His involvement spans research, education, and training. He was a founding member of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, contributing to its inaugural applicant test. His expertise is evident in medical journals, book chapters, TV documentaries, and news programs. 

Exclusive Affiliation 

Dr. Konior takes pride in his membership within the esteemed Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. 

Global Recognition 

Patients worldwide have been under Dr. Konior’s care, while surgeons from all corners have sought his guidance. He co-led the “Global Convocation on Hair Restoration Surgery,” an international gathering exploring the latest advancements. 

Certification by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 

The ABFPRS title ensures ethical and professional surgical standards. Physicians earn this distinction after completing a head and neck surgical residency and passing scrutiny by surgical peers. 

Educational Credentials 

Dr. Konior actively educates fellow physicians in surgical hair restoration. He was a Clinical Professor at Loyola University Medical Center, affiliated with the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. 

Dedication to Perfection 

Recognizing each patient’s distinct needs and objectives, Dr. Konior tailors his approach. Every individual receives utmost attention for an optimal experience. His dedication to excellence in his vocation extends to every patient he serves.


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