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Alopecia treatmentsHow to Revitalize Your Hair After the Summer?

How to Revitalize Your Hair After the Summer?

Some of the best parts of the summer extend to soaking up the summer sun. More often than not, we prepare adequately for this period by buying the best sunscreen for the face and body.

But what about your hair? Spending these long hours in the summer sun exposes your tresses to the harsh UV rays of the sun, which may ultimately affect the vibrancy, texture, and density.

You also can’t deny that sweat and treated pool water can damage your hair. The same applies to humidity and stress. In a nutshell, summertime may be one of the most unfriendly periods for your hair if you don’t prepare adequately.

So now that you’ve left out the hair protectant sprays that can serve as sunscreen for your hair, your hair isn’t as healthy as it used to be. Well, this isn’t a permanent condition; you can just as easily revitalize it, and we’ll show you how.

Keep reading this blog post to find out how to improve the health of your hair after a long summer of fun and excitement.

How to Revitalize Your Hair

Right from time, women have always seen healthy locks of hair as a thing of pride. That explains why the cosmetic industry is one of the largest worldwide. There’s an array of products that you can use for your tresses to prevent hair loss in the long run.

Now, the summertime may have some significant impacts on our hair. For instance, you may wash your hair more often because you’ll be taking more frequent showers. You may also spend more time in pools that have been treated with chlorine, which isn’t so great for the hair.

Of course, there’s also the summer sun, which releases intense heat and UV rays that can damage our scalp and hair follicles. During this period, there are so many factors that threaten the health of your hair.

So, when the summer ends, you may have to take certain steps to revitalize your tresses. Some of your options include:

Reduce heat exposure for your scalp and follicles

One of the external factors that we commonly bring in contact with our hair is heat. We need a high temperature to dry it after washing and style it when required.

The natural composition of hair is appealing and glossy enough because there are oil glands, nutrients, and moisture in your follicles and around the scalp. These natural components can deplete when you bring your hair in contact with too much heat.

Since you’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the summer sun, your hair has likely suffered similar damage. You may notice the signs, which can be unusual brittleness and dryness. There may also be split ends.

In that case, air dry your hair instead of using a blow dryer. If you won’t have enough spare time, turn the heat to the lowest option or use a hair protector spray beforehand.

The same applies to styling your hair with a straightener or curling iron. Turn the heat to the least available option, or spray some of that hair sunscreen on your tresses before you start.

Use essential hair oils and serums

You can also rely on external factors to grow and strengthen your healthy hair. That’s where hair oils come in – they’re conventional oils, but we’ve decided to apply them to our hair because of their numerous benefits.

They’re great for all textures of hair and help improve them. So, if you have coarse hair, you can expect that it will improve when you consistently use coconut oil.

If you’re looking for hair growth, you can use lavender oil. Its properties release a blood stimulating effect, which results in adequate circulation to the scalp. Your follicles will thank you for this.

Serums are also liquids that we apply to the scalp, so what differentiates them from essential hair oils? Well, they perform some additional functions. Vilanolabs serum enhances your hair texture, increases its luster, and ensures that the extra moisture gets sealed within your strands for effectiveness.

Switch to hydrating formulas

It’s that time of the year when we expect a drastic weather change. After the summer, we prepare for the cold winter days. So, when you’re changing your wardrobe to accommodate your winter outfits, switch up your shampoos and conditioners too.

Opt for the Vilanolabs shampoo; it’s been designed to hydrate your hair through changing weather. It’ll restore the moisture you lost from your summer adventures in the sun or the damage pool chlorine did to your hair.

Improve your diet

You may also need to make improvements to your diet. Some foods and fruits are great for hair growth and revitalization. Increase your daily consumption of fruits like spinach and berries and foods like fatty fish, eggs, and turkey, to name a few.

Drink enough water

Don’t forget to take your daily eight cups of water if you’re looking to revitalize your hair. When your body has sufficient water, your hair follicles will flourish for many reasons.

One, they’ll have unrestricted access to nutrients through sufficient blood circulation. Then, your hair will have enough access to moisture and will stay hydrated for a long time.

Watch your styling choices

It’s important to remember that at this point, your hair is still not as strong as it was before the summer. So, you’ll have to be mindful of your styling options.

The trend of ponytails seems to have come to stay, and there’s no harm in that. However, when your hair is constantly in a tight hold, it can further weaken your follicles. They’ll pull out little by little and may eventually result in traction alopecia.

Be as delicate with your hair as you can. Put it in a loose ponytail if you must.

Condition your hair

Finally, don’t forget to condition your hair. This hair care process reduces the harshness of any ingredient that may have come in contact with your hair. There are different conditioners, so ensure you buy one that’s suitable for your hair.


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