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ClinicsThailand Hair Transplant Center Reviews

Thailand Hair Transplant Center Reviews

Nestled in the vibrant city of Chiang Mai, THTC stands tall as the forefront, cutting-edge clinic that offers a diverse range of surgical and nonsurgical treatments for individuals grappling with hair loss. Dr. Suradej Pong, the visionary behind THTC, brought this esteemed establishment to life on April 1, 2002. Initially comprising a team of two registered nurses, two technicians, and Dr. Pong himself, the clinic expanded over the years, welcoming two additional technicians. This steadfast team, steadfast since its inception, has remained dedicated to providing exceptional care and transformative solutions to countless patients with varying degrees of hair loss.  

For over two decades, THTC has been a beacon of excellence, consistently delivering unparalleled results and providing first-class medical attention to every individual served. 

Reasons to Choose THTC: Unparalleled Advantages 

Hair Transplant Procedure by ABHRS Surgeon: Dr. Suradej Pong, an esteemed hair transplant surgeon, is certified as a diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, ensuring the highest level of expertise and competence.  

Preferred Choice of Surgeons: Numerous doctors and medical practitioners who have experienced hair loss themselves have placed their trust in Dr. Suradej Pong to perform their hair transplant surgeries. 

Direct Consultation with the Surgeon, Not a Salesperson: Experience a complimentary consultation with Dr. Suradej Pong, where comprehensive information about hair restoration and its long-term benefits is provided. Ask any questions to make an informed decision regarding hair transplantation. 

Dedication: Devoted to Perfection 

To achieve exceptional results, the art of hair transplantation requires the unwavering dedication of a skilled physician and nursing team. At THTC, hair transplantation is the sole focus, dedicating full-time medical practice exclusively to this specialized field. Unlike those who treat it as a sideline amidst other cosmetic procedures, the unwavering commitment enables the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of the work. 

Highly Skilled Medical Team: Craftsmanship You Can Trust 

The meticulous medical team boasts a remarkable track record of performing over a million grafts throughout the years. The unwavering dedication and commitment to delivering the most natural-looking hair transplants have earned a growing number of referrals every single day. With THTC, patients can rest assured knowing they are in the capable hands of skilled professionals who prioritize their satisfaction and well-being. 

Professional Care and Service: Elevating the Experience 

At THTC, pride is taken in offering superior-quality hair transplantation services, always keeping patients’ best interests in mind. To ensure maximum safety and exceptional medical care, operations are conducted on a one-patient-at-a-time basis within the hygienic operating room. This fully equipped facility is furnished with monitoring equipment, emergency supplies, and sterile instruments, with dedicated doctors and nurses in constant attendance. The well-being of patients is the top priority. 

A Hair Transplant with a Tropical Twist 

While hair transplants can be costly in Europe and the U.S., THTC presents a unique opportunity. Consider the allure of having a hair transplant done by one of the world’s best surgeons while enjoying a vacation in Thailand. The savings from opting for a hair transplant in Thailand can more than offset the expenses of airfare, travel, and accommodations. Embark on an unforgettable journey exploring the wonders of Thailand while transforming appearance with a quality hair transplant.



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