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ClinicsTranses Hair Transplant Center Reviews

Transes Hair Transplant Center Reviews

With hair transplant surgery, healthy hair follicles are removed from the sides and back of the scalp sides and implanted into balding or thinning regions. Donor hair follicles can be extracted using either follicular unit transplantation or follicular unit extraction.

The FUT technique involves cutting a thin strip of skin and hair from the back and sides of the head, after which the hair follicles on the strip are harvested. You will get a linear scar when the incision is closed, but it will be easy for you to conceal it with your hair.

On the other hand, during an FUE procedure, single hair follicles are extracted from a donor area using a tiny punch and then transplanted into a recipient spot elsewhere on the scalp. You will have minimal scars that look like dots, but they won’t be too obvious after the new hair grows.

When considering obtaining a hair transplant operation, searching for a clinic that has been board certified, such as Transes, is essential to ensure a satisfactory outcome. Istanbul is home to the world-class hair transplant facility known as Transes Hair, which serves patients throughout Turkey.

The clinic’s experts use the most cutting-edge techniques for a natural-looking hair transplant, including DHI, FUE, and Sapphire FUE. Over fifteen thousand clients from all over the globe have already received hair transplants at this facility.

The Transes Hair Transplant Center is recognized as a first-rate medical center because it provides patients experiencing hair loss of varying degrees with access to the most cutting-edge treatment options available today. The center was established in 2007, and ever since, its reputation in Turkey and other countries has been steadily expanding.

The clinic is based on the Medical Park Bahcelievler Hospital, which has received an international certificate from the Joint International Commission (JCI) in recognition of its commitment to providing patients with the greatest possible level of care in a secure environment.

The medical center offers five modern operating rooms where highly trained specialists in their respective fields perform hair transplantation treatments on the head, beard, mustache, and eyebrows of patients. They use the most cutting-edge procedures available, including FUE, GOLD FUE, sapphire FUE, and DHI. In addition, the clinic focuses on PRP hair treatment and mesotherapy as its primary areas of expertise.

In the process of doing a hair transplant, the doctors adhere meticulously to all clinical standards, as doing so is essential to achieving desirable results. After completing the necessary medical procedures, the doctor hands the patient a guaranteed certification for the newly transplanted hair.

For more than twelve years of service, the department’s medical staff has successfully carried out over 5,500 hair transplantation procedures. The primary responsibility of every specialist is to provide tailored medical care that prioritizes the patient’s requirements and preferences as much as possible throughout the treatment process.

Following the hair transplant procedure, the patient will have hair that appears more natural, which will result in an increase in self-confidence and ultimately contribute to an improvement in the patient’s quality of life.



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