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ClinicsGözde Hospitals Group Reviews

Gözde Hospitals Group Reviews

The Gozde Hospitals Group is a healthcare provider that operates as a chain and is one of the most prominent private healthcare service providers in Turkey. The group’s facilities include seven general hospitals. Four of the hospitals exist solely for the purpose of providing medical care to patients from other countries: – Ozel Sağlık Hospital – Gozde Kuşadası Hospital – Gozde İzmir Hospital – Gozde Malatya Akademi Hospital. The Gozde Hospitals Group treats an annual population of around 1.8 million patients and has a total of 378 medical professionals and 4100 employees and staff members. A person is said to be healthy when they are physically, mentally, and psychologically well. Health can be defined as a state of individual and social well-being.

Organizational Goal

The goal of the Gozde Hospitals Group is to give each of their patients a one-of-a-kind experience, with the awareness that every person possesses the inherent right to get healthcare that is of the highest possible standard, as well as one that is considerate, courteous, and openly administered. They operate under the guiding idea of delivering cutting-edge medical treatment of the highest possible standard, and they strive to perfect every aspect of the patient experience on a daily basis. They believe that the diversity of cultures, races, genders, and talents makes the world a better place. The Gozde Hospitals Group is committed to fostering an inclusive environment throughout all of their facilities.

Gözde Hospitals Group

Gözde Hospitals Group motto

“Your health is the most precious possession you have.”

Gözde Hospitals Group Speciality

The Gozde Hospital in Izmir is committed to providing the greatest possible level of medical care to each and every one of its patients. Since they opened its doors more than two decades ago, they have made it their mission to help anyone in need of medical treatment. Their highly trained medical staff specializes in a wide range of surgical procedures, including robotic operations, bariatric surgeries, plastic and aesthetic surgeries, urological surgeries, and orthopaedic surgeries. Patients from Turkey and throughout the world can receive high-quality medical care at any of Gozde Hospitals’ locations.

Services Offered

The Gozde Hospitals Group provides a variety of services, including

  • Pre- and post-operative examinations
  • Health advice provided by a health advisor, and nursing services.
  • Car rental at the patient’s request
  • Private patient assistants and carers who are native speakers
  • High-tech and advanced medical services
  • Transportation to and from the airport and the hospital
  • Accommodation in private apartments inside the MyVia Apartments complex
  • A full refund of the purchase price if you are not satisfied with the package
  • Five-star hotels and VIP transportation services

Finally, it is important to note that at Gozde Hospitals Group, there are no costs or fees linked with the consultation, the treatment plan, or the medical travel arrangements that the patient is responsible for paying. Every cost is fully stated and is made known to the patient before they commence the treatment. You are able to get in touch with them, and they will present you with a treatment plan with no cost or any commitment on your part?



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