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ClinicsInstituto Medico Del Prado Reviews

Instituto Medico Del Prado Reviews

Hair transplantation, a revolutionary and painless procedure, offers a non-invasive solution to redistribute hair follicles on the scalp. In Madrid, Dr. Espinosa Custodio, a leading expert, operates a renowned hair clinic where hair is meticulously collected from the occipital region and artistically implanted in areas seeking rejuvenation. The outcome? Natural regrowth that instills unshakable confidence. 

The Rising Popularity of Hair Transplants 

Spain experiences an unprecedented surge in the demand for hair transplants, driven by the exceptional results achieved by skilled professionals. With numerous hair clinics now offering this service to address the distressing effects of androgenetic alopecia, choosing the right hair specialist becomes crucial for personalized treatment. 

Instituto Médico del Prado, nestled in the heart of Madrid, ensures meticulous hair transplant experiences that prioritize health and safety. As a specialized center for hair transplantation, advanced techniques such as FUE and DHI are employed. 

Dr. Espinosa Custodio, with a distinguished background in surgical hair restoration since 2016, stands as an epitome of expertise in the field. Possessing extensive knowledge, this skilled practitioner navigates the intricate process to ensure the results align with aspirations. In fact, the outcomes are guaranteed in writing, assuring that hair transplants surpass all expectations. 

The Intricacies of the Procedure 

While several surgical interventions offer instant results, the journey of a hair transplant demands patience. Appreciating the transformative effects typically takes one to one and a half years. Dr. Espinosa Custodio’s unwavering commitment to excellence involves meticulously implanting approximately 1,500 follicle units per session. This meticulous approach ensures the survival and optimal placement of every graft, allowing precise control over direction, depth, and position. 

Unveiling the Surgical Excellence 

All hair transplants at Instituto Médico del Prado are exclusively performed by Dr. Espinosa Custodio within the esteemed Spanish clinic. Adhering to legal regulations, Dr. Espinosa personally conducts all incisions during extraction and implantation, supported by a dedicated team. The clinic employs the FUE technique for extraction and the DHI technique for implantation, utilizing advanced methods that demand exceptional expertise. Hygiene remains a priority, with no reuse of tools, guaranteeing a safe and sanitary environment. 

A Journey Starts with Diagnosis 

Embarking on the transformative hair transplant journey commences with a comprehensive trichological diagnosis at the prestigious Madrid clinic. Dr. Espinosa assumes responsibility for reviewing medical history and assessing unique hair conditions. This meticulous evaluation determines candidacy for the transplant procedure. During this session, a detailed analysis of alopecia type and severity enables the devising of a tailored strategy to address specific needs. If not meeting the criteria for a hair transplant, suitable medical hair treatments may be recommended, including PRP, mesotherapy, carboxytherapy, or oral medication, all from a medical perspective. Complementing these treatments, hair micropigmentation sessions enhance results. 

Unlocking Donor Area Potential 

Vital to evaluating a hair transplant’s viability is determining the quality of the donor area. Dr. Espinosa utilizes the advanced Hairmetrix system by Canfield, a smart dermatoscope analyzing hair density, grafts per square centimeter, and follicle unit thickness. This precise assessment facilitates the identification of an ideal treatment plan while objectively monitoring progress during the hair restoration journey.


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