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ClinicsIstanbul Aesthetic Center Reviews

Istanbul Aesthetic Center Reviews

The Istanbul Aesthetic Center is a significant institution that can be found in the very centre of the city. It is a hospital that specialises in plastic surgery and offers respectable services in addition to highly innovative technology and procedures that are as intrusive as possible only. In the event that medical attention is required immediately, they provide facilities for high-level intensive care. The hospital provides assistance to patients through the use of trained medical professionals and staff members. In addition to this, they have a ‘patient satisfaction analysis’ unit that is always being improved in order to provide more and more effective help to patients. Istanbul Aesthetics and Medical Surgery Center is a Plastic Surgery Hospital that was established to render good services for you with high technology devices and boast of experienced doctors in their branches. The centre is proud to have a variety of experienced and highly trained medical professionals, such as Professor Dr. Gurham Ozcan, Dr. Ergin ER, Dr. Alin Turan, Professor Dr. Cihat Nazmi Baran, and others.

Their patients can choose from basic or VIP patient rooms, each of which was designed with their ease and comfort in mind. In addition, there is an intensive care centre in case any accidents or illnesses occur inside of our bodies. To ensure that their patients are happy with the care they receive from them, they conduct their “Patient Satisfaction Analysis” on a consistent and ongoing basis and store the data in an electronic format.

As a result of its central location in Istanbul, the Istanbul Aesthetic Center was designed to be in close proximity to the city’s many modes of public transit. In the same way that they lay a significant emphasis on their patients’ relaxation and comfort and their loved ones. Their practise keeps up with the latest medical research, medical technology, and any other developments in the field of medicine to ensure that their patients have access to the most cutting-edge care possible.

Istanbul Aesthetic Center

The clinic also provides a variety of services, some of which include cosmetic surgeries (including face and neck aesthetics, mammoplasty, rhinoplasty, buttock aesthetics, liposuction, and body aesthetics), hair transplantation (including FUE hair transplantation, Sapphire FUE hair transplantation, DHI hair transplantation, beard transplantation, and eyebrow transplantation), medical aesthetics (including Botox application, light filling, filling skin care, and laser hair remover), and other services.

More so, they offer specialist services in the fields of cosmetology, dentistry, hair transplantation, as well as plastic and cosmetic surgery. IAC places a primary emphasis on the complete satisfaction of its patients. In order to achieve this goal, they combine conventional medical practise with cutting-edge scientific research and development. In addition, they offer patients, regardless of where they are located, as well as members of their families, the following essential amenities:

  • Counseling for patients
  • Telehealth
  • Emergency medical services
  • Medical coordination unit
  • Airport representative
  • Hotel reservation
  • Assistance with foreign exchange
  • Language interpreter and other similar services etc.

Given that the facility can be found in the very heart of the city, it can be reached by any and all modes of public transit. In addition to this, they offer services to help accommodate patients’ family members. It is the primary mission of the foundation that it is based on to make available to patient’s medical options that are both effective and secure. The Aesthetic Center spends a lot of work into ensuring that your stay is as comfortable and risk-free as possible.


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