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Keratin Treatment for the Hair

Many hair care enthusiasts believe that human hair shares the same level of strength as a rhino’s horn. While this may appear exaggerating and amusing, it’s founded on a solid base, a fact. The human hair and rhino’s horn are made from the same primary component, which gives both their strength and firmness to the head. As you’re guessing, this component is keratin.

However, the hair isn’t immune from depletion or loss of keratin at its base. And the implication of this is that the hair may lose its strength to withstand some negative exposure keratin would have prevented. Its dominant symptoms are dry, frizzy, unattractive hair. When this happens, it’s only logical to improve the keratin supply at the hair base to renew hair strength and appeal.

Keratin treatment is one of the many ways to revive the hair. And this article will explore what the deal is about the treatment, especially how it’s gained so much popularity over the past few years. Additionally, we’ll show you what happens when this treatment is performed.

The Deal About Keratin Treatment

An unhealthy-looking hair didn’t materialize overnight. Instead, it’s a result of several factors affecting the hair for a long time. Some of these factors are self-inflicted, while others aren’t. For example, the styling pattern, coloring sessions, reliance on chemical products, lifestyle habits, heat blowing, etc., are some self-inflicted factors that affect the hair. In contrast, environmental exposure aging, amongst others, are factors that aren’t self-inflicted.

The point to note is that these factors combine to reduce hair health, leaving the hair undernourished and unappealing. Given that everything that contributes to hair health relates to the level of keratin in the hair, replenishing keratin is the way to repel the effects of this factor. This is where keratin treatment is essential because keratin is a protective protein fiber in the hair that must be present constantly.

But what is this treatment all about? Keratin treatment is an outstanding way of getting your hair back to its best against all the factors positioned to ruin your hair health. The treatment involves an artificial addition of keratin to the hair to restore its smoothness and shine. In simple terms, keratin treatment deals with reconstructing the hair by replenishing lost protein.

This treatment has proven very effective, but the only downside is that it’s a chemical treatment. Despite that, many people choose it because they believe that its benefits outweigh its consequences, and they can manage these consequences. This shows how coveted beautiful shiny hair is. So if you don’t mind, it could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

The treatment protects the hair from damages that may begin at the superficial level. That’s why it is ever-present in many hair care products. In addition to this, the treatment offers you straight and frizz-free hair for about six months. Yes! It’s temporary, but if you consider what if offers, you will realize it may be worth it.

What Happens When You Have Keratin Treatment?

The first step for a keratin treatment is consultation. With this, your stylist evaluates your hair type and how much application it’ll require to get the best result. As much as the stylist has their responsibility, you as a client also have yours, and that’s to be as open and honest as possible. For example, it would be best to inform your stylist about the chemical treatments your hair has undergone over time and the processes you’ve had, like perming, coloring, and relaxing.

After hair evaluation, the treatment will begin. The keratin solution injected into the hair has chemical and organic components, including timonacic acid that supplies the protein that repairs the strands, benzoquinone that optimally conditions the cuticles, and formaldehyde straightens the hair, amongst many other ingredients. Of course, the timeframe for the treatment always depends on the texture, length, and density of your hair. But all things considered, the treatment shouldn’t go beyond three hours.

The keratin solution is applied to your hair and allowed to be absorbed for about 10 – 15 minutes. After the hair has fully absorbed the keratin, the hair is blown dry and flat ironed to get a perfect smoothing effect. Other results include strand repair and elimination of about 95% of curl and frizz. This way, the humidity will be dealt with properly. The treatment is easy, timely, and hassle-free with effective results.

Implications of Having Keratin Treatment

Because keratin treatment is chemically processed, there’s no way it wouldn’t have risk exposures, and you must be aware of it before getting into it. For example, one of the risks of having keratin treatment is the possible exposure to chemicals that can cause damage to the hair and even other parts of the body.

One of these chemicals is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is present in keratin treatment to straighten the hair. If it’s inhaled, it can cause damage. That’s why some hair care products avoid adding it to their ingredients. But you can’t be so sure because some might add it and not put it in the list of ingredients.

What’s important is to discuss this with your stylist before embarking on the treatment. Then, you’re supplied with authentic information on what and what not to do regarding the treatment. Also, your stylist can spell out post-care treatments you can have to make your treatment last the timeframe it’s given.

Can You Have Keratin Treatment at Home?

Keratin treatment isn’t as difficult as it may appear, so that you can do it at home. However, you can’t compare the results if you do it yourself to what a professional stylist will give you. So it’s better to have your keratin treatment done at the salon.

Final Thoughts

Keratin treatment is good if you consider all that there is to the treatment before you begin. Then, with more people taking advantage of it, you can also join the party. However, if you’ve realized that your hair is thin and prone to damage at the slightest heat application, you might ask your stylist for glyoxylic acid hair treatment.


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