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DoctorsDr. Joseph Yaker Reviews

Dr. Joseph Yaker Reviews

Yaker Hair Restoration, situated in Plano, Texas, is owned and operated by Dr. Joseph Yaker, who is also its founder and medical director. Following his first hair transplant at the age of fifteen, he developed a genuine interest in aesthetics and, in particular, the art of hair restoration, which began at a young age. Dr. Yaker provides patients with the opportunity to regrow fuller, more natural-looking hair via the use of cutting-edge technology and personalized treatment plans, allowing them to live more carefree and confident lives. Dr. Yaker studied medicine at Ross University School of Medicine in Fort Worth, Texas, after completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Texas in Austin. He went on to complete his residency in family medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center, where he got his board certification, after completing his internship in general surgery at the Mayo Clinic. At the prominent Hair Restoration Centers of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, he completed a one-year fellowship in hair transplant surgery under the guidance of the renowned Dr. Mark S. DiStefano (DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers). Dr. Yaker is also board qualified in anti-aging medicine and has completed a fellowship with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Yaker is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and the only physician in Dallas who has been appointed to the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), in addition to being endorsed by the American Hair Loss Association (IAHRS). Furthermore, he is one of only a few doctors who has received Joe Tillman’s endorsement, The Hair Transplant MentorTM.

A hair loss specialist and hair restoration surgeon who specializes in the prevention and treatment of hair loss in both men and women, he is dedicated to offering highly effective, progressive treatments that produce quantifiable outcomes for his patients. With compassion, understanding, and commitment, he seeks to treat every patient with dignity and respect. Patients’ experiences with Dr. Yaker and his team of hair restoration and medical professionals are made worthwhile by their dedication to their patients’ well-being. When you visit our patient-centered clinic, our team will go above and beyond to ensure that you feel confident, comfortable, and calm as you begin your hair restoration journey. Our friendly and well trained staff members ensure that patient safety and education are top priorities, and it is our guarantee that therapy will be administered with trust and compassion on our patients’ end of things. The opportunity to meet you and collaborate with you to achieve outcomes that will transform your life forever is a source of great excitement for us. We would like to introduce you to some of our great team members. Hair loss specialist and hair restoration surgeon Dr. Yaker and his team are dedicated to providing only the most progressive, state-of-the art surgical and nonsurgical treatments for both men and women, including platelet rich plasma (PRP) with placenta-derived extracellular matrix therapy, low level laser therapy (LaserCap®), SmartGraftTM FUE and FUT technology, and other hair loss treatments as needed. A double board certified and skillfully trained physician, Dr. Yaker has successfully conducted over one thousand hair transplants in his professional career. However, recognizing that each patient is unique, he is dedicated to providing a highly tailored approach and customized treatment plan in order to maximize results for each individual and ensure patient happiness.


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