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Hair transplantHow Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost In UK

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost In UK

When people decide to undergo a hair transplant, the financial aspect is crucial. This surgical procedure is known to be quite costly, so it’s vital to ensure you’re financially prepared. In this article, we will talk about How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost In UK.

The United Kingdom has seen a surge in the popularity of hair transplant services.  Increasing demand for such procedures has led to a proportional growth in the number of clinics across the country. The market is now teeming with clinics striving to meet the rising demand. Choosing the right place for your hair transplant necessitates having a good understanding of the location. This knowledge is essential for making informed decisions that won’t strain your budget.

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Hair Transplant Cost In The UK

Country for Hair Transplant

When they say that hair transplant is an expensive treatment, the UK is a testimony to that. There are other locations with the total hair transplant cost being around $2000. On the other hand, there is the UK with a price ranging between ÂŁ1000 and ÂŁ30000. This makes the UK a costly place to have your hair transplant procedure.

However, it should be noted that the cost of hair transplant across locations depends on a number of factors. For instance, Turkey is a place where hair transplant is highly affordable unlike the UK. The reason for this is because the government and private sector in Turkey contribute towards health tourism. Also, the rates of many things such as rent are cheap in Turkey. This is not the case with the UK where everything is costly.

Below are some of the factors that determine the cost of hair transplant.

FUE hair transplant

Hair Grafts Needed

A hair transplant procedure involves the transfer of hair grafts from on the part of your head, often the back part, to the balding area. The graft will form the basis for the regrowth of your hair. The number of grafts you’ll need depends on the intensity of your hair loss. While some people need one or two sessions, there are those who need to use a few days because the hair loss is intense and requires more time.

Intense hair loss means that there will be many grafts needed for the procedure. This is one of the things that factor into the cost of hair transplant in the UK. Clinics charge based on grafts and it will be determined by the number of sessions you require.

Surgeons’ Expertise

Another factor that influences the cost of hair transplant in the UK is the expertise of the surgeon. There are clinics that have been in operation for several years such as Capilclinic. Clinics like this have excellent surgeons that have been in practice for long.

This factors into the cost of the procedure, as the surgeons charge at high rates. Therefore, what you’ll get with an emerging clinic is not the same as that of an expert clinic with years of experience. Consequently, this affects the overall price of the procedure.

Also, you can choose a particular surgeon that you’ll like to perform your procedure. This often happens when the client has read about the surgeon and the surgeon’s job success. Making such particular requests also influences the cost of your hair transplant. This increases the cost, as such particular requests means that you have to work with the surgeon’s quotes.

Technology In Use

How technology inclined a clinic is also goes a long way in the cost of the overall package. Technology is a key part of the hair transplant procedure. Some clinics are more technologically inclined than the others. As expected, such clinics can offer a wider range of services and also deliver more efficient hair regeneration services.

So, while there can be an average price for hair transplant in the UK, the exact price of each clinic will be determined by the peculiarities of the clinic such as the technology in use and the facilities as a whole.

Hair Transplant Procedure In The UK

When pondering the factors influencing the price of hair transplants in the United Kingdom, one significant element is the level of expertise held by the country’s surgeons. UK surgeons have garnered a wealth of experience in the realm of hair transplantation, having dedicated themselves to the art of hair regeneration. They have consistently provided their clients with top-notch services, ensuring that their skills and know-how remain unrivaled.

In the UK, two primary procedures take center stage when it comes to hair transplants. Each of these techniques has its unique characteristics and advantages. Let’s delve into each one:

Follicular Unit Extraction

One of the most widely recognized and respected techniques employed in hair transplant clinics across the United States is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Its popularity stems from its remarkable efficiency and widespread acceptance among surgeons.

During the FUE procedure, the surgeon embarks on a meticulous journey to harvest hair grafts from the donor site located at the back of the patient’s head. This region consistently boasts an abundant supply of hair grafts, making it an ideal source.

Next, the surgeon meticulously prepares the target area where the hair will be transplanted. By creating tiny, precise openings, the recipient site is made ready to receive the grafts. Subsequently, the surgeon delicately inserts each hair graft into these tiny openings, facilitating the transplantation process.

Upon the completion of the transplant, the operative area is thoroughly cleansed to stave off the risk of infection. This stage marks the conclusion of the FUE technique, ensuring the safety and integrity of the patient’s newly transplanted hair.

Benefits of FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a popular and advanced method of hair transplant surgery that offers several benefits compared to traditional hair transplantation techniques. Some of the key benefits of FUE hair transplant include:

Minimally Invasive

FUE is a minimally invasive procedure, which means it involves smaller incisions or punctures in the donor area (typically the back of the head) compared to the strip method (FUT). This results in less scarring and a quicker recovery time.

No Visible Scarring

The tiny, circular scars left by FUE are usually less noticeable than the linear scar associated with FUT. This makes it a more appealing option for people who want to wear shorter hairstyles without exposing a significant scar.

Natural-Looking Results

FUE allows for precise extraction and transplantation of individual hair follicles. This precision helps in creating a natural and aesthetically pleasing hairline.

Reduced Discomfort

FUE typically involves less post-operative pain and discomfort compared to FUT, which involves the removal of a strip of scalp.

Faster Recovery

FUE has a shorter recovery time compared to FUT. Patients can often resume normal activities within a few days, and there is less risk of postoperative complications.


FUE can be used to transplant hair not only on the scalp but also on other areas of the body, making it suitable for beard transplants, eyebrow transplants, and more.

Reduced Bleeding and Infection Risk

The small, puncture-like incisions made in FUE lead to less bleeding and a reduced risk of infection compared to the larger incision in FUT.

No Need for Sutures or Staples

FUE doesn’t require the use of sutures or staples to close the donor area, which simplifies post-operative care.


FUE allows for precise placement of individual hair follicles, which can be tailored to match the natural hair pattern, ensuring a customized and aesthetically pleasing result.

Follicular Unit Transplantation

The FUT procedure entails the removal of a strip of skin from the back of your head, which is rich in hair grafts. Subsequently, the surgeon extracts hair grafts from this strip of skin and creates tiny openings in the balding area of your scalp.

The hair grafts are then carefully implanted into the balding region. While FUT is highly effective for addressing receding hairlines, it may not be the most suitable option for general hair loss or severe hair thinning.

Benefits of FUT 

Evolution Of Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is another hair transplant method that has its own set of benefits, although it’s less commonly used today due to the increasing popularity of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Some of the benefits of FUT in hair transplantation include:

High Graft Yield

FUT allows for the removal of a strip of scalp from the donor area, which typically contains a large number of hair follicles. This results in a higher graft yield compared to FUE, which involves the extraction of individual follicles.


The FUT procedure is generally quicker than FUE since a larger number of grafts can be harvested in a single session.


FUT is often more cost-effective than FUE because it requires less time and effort from the surgical team. However, cost can vary depending on the clinic and location.

Suitable for Extensive Baldness

FUT is often preferred when a patient has extensive baldness or a large area to cover, as it provides a high number of grafts in one session.

Precision and Natural Results

Just like FUE, FUT can provide natural-looking results when performed by an experienced surgeon who can place the grafts accurately and create an aesthetically pleasing hairline.

Final Thoughts

The UK is one of the places where the cost of hair transplant is on the high side. While the surgeons are renowned for their experience and expertise, if you’ll be having your hair transplant services there, you should be ready to increase your budget.



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