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ClinicsMono Medical Center Reviews

Mono Medical Center Reviews

In 2017, started conducting business in Goktürk. Because of the scope of its work in the field of health tourism with regard to service areas, location, and location, it operates with 16 Branches and Units, particularly related ones.

Mono Medical Hospital; It is the only health institution in Goktürk and its surrounding areas to have the widest coverage area. It is equipped with branches, a health tourism certificate, a hair transplant license, private insurance contracts, and social security institutions. Mono Medical Hospital also offers emergency services throughout the clock.

Mono Medical Hospital’s mission is to provide excellent care to its patients through its knowledgeable staff, the application of the most advanced technology and scientific discoveries, the maintenance of the highest standards of quality at all times, and the awareness and protection of the most progressive and up-to-date patient rights in the industry.

Kinds Of Hair Transplant Procedures Mono Hair Offer for Clients

Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, is one of Mono Hair’s most often requested hair transplant methods (Follicular Unit Extraction). The donor area will have its hair cut to 1-2 millimeters before the treatment begins. After that, a professional uses a specialized tool to remove grafts from the donor area in preparation for the hair transplant.

The procedure is carried out under the influence of some local anesthetic. It usually takes between two and five days. After that, a physician uses a piece of equipment called a Sapphire FUE to open channels. The channel diameter ranges from 0.6 to 0.8 millimeters, and it is determined by the doctor based on the density of the hair. Follicles are then transplanted.

Direct Hair Implantation, or DHI, is another procedure available at Mono Hair Clinic. It operates similarly to a retractable pen; the doctor presses a button, and grafts are automatically injected into the patient’s scalp. During this process phase, a specialized CHOI Pen is utilized, and the grafts are inserted inside it. It makes it possible to avoid punctures, keeps the implants’ quality intact, and ensures that the transplanted hair appears natural.


  • The clinic staff will meet a patient when they arrive at the airport and accompany them to their hotel.
  • A hotel-clinic transfer. A preexisting relationship with a physician, a medical exam, and a blood test.
  • After the patient has received the test results, the doctor will administer a local anesthetic before beginning the hair transplantation procedure.
  • After the operation is finished, you will be transferred to a hotel.
  • You will receive recommendations for follow-up treatment as well as specific care products.
  • Transportation to the airport

What is included in the price of having the operation done?

  • A transfer between the airport and the hotel and clinic
  • Upsuites Hotel, a four-star establishment, for a total of two nights’ lodging at $75 per additional night stayed.
  • Hair transplant procedure
  • PRP treatment following surgical procedures
  • Special skincare products
  • Assistance in the target language
  • Guarantee that lasts a lifetime for hair transplants.

Medical doctors

  • Ekin Mese Say is a specialist in hair transplantation with experience spanning 17 years.
  • Bahattin eliktiz is a plastic surgeon with over 40 years of experience.
  • Mehmet Mustafa Kiyar is a plastic surgeon with 17 years of experience.
  • Mıgırdıç Gülezyan is a dentist with over 39 years of experience.



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